Thursday, October 18, 2007


Can someone be too accepting? i am not really sure....i think it is a fine line....or maybe not even that. i know, that's confusing so let me explain. i don't think it is really a matter of how accepting a sub is but rather why. A sub will submit to their Dom/me because that is what their Dom/me desires at the time. The sub wishes only to please Them. Therefore, a sub has to accept the situation by using her submission. her desire to please her Dom/me overrides her discomfort or their mental/emotional instincts. Like the time Sir was using the rubber band.....i had to fight the instinct to move away. i had to accept not only the pain from the rubber band but the fact that that is what Sir wanted to do at the time. There have been other times when i have had to use the same process. A couple of day's ago Sir told me that i was to stop masturbating, that i was back on restriction. i readily agreed and wasn't even upset over it. i reacted that particular way because i know that Sir does things for His reasons and as Sir told me, i look at the big picture not the small things. Which is true for the most part. Although admittedly, i did miss masturbating after 2 days. lol But my mindset was that of knowing that my stopping was by His obeying Him i was happy and i am always assured the my Master has His reasons for doing something, even if i do not know them at the time. However, i think that if a sub feels "numb" about something, like she couldn't care either way then i think that would be a problem. To me that says that she does not care what happens to her, that she is entering the "robot zone". Not a good thing i think. i have spoken with many subs, all of which say that even though they will obey their Doms/Masters, they still think and certainly feel for what they are doing. i think that thinking about it is what makes subs so nervous in the first place! lol i am sure that in some dynamics the Dom/me wants complete unthinking obedience but i do not think i would be happy that way. i accept what ever my Master wants even though it makes me nervous or uncomfortable because it makes Him happy and pleased. Which in turn makes me happy as well. But if i became indifferent about doing something, if i automatically simply said yes Sir without thought to how this action will effect me i do not see how i could be happy about pleasing Him and knowing my Master he would quickly grow bored of our dynamic. Always wanting to do what someone else wants to do i think is another fine line. i think that there are probably quite a few views on this matter, both from a BDSM and vanilla standpoint. Hmmm...lots to think on. Anyone else have any other views??