Monday, October 1, 2007

The Pleasures of Pain

As our day came to an end, Sir and i went out to dinner. Afterwards Sir had the idea of going out for ice cream and i asked if i may bake Him some cookies instead....i love cooking or baking for Sir and was very happy when He gave me permission to do so. When we got into the house i started to make Him His cookies while He did other things around the house. When the cookies were done i asked Sir if i may please use the restroom....He gave permission and since i had to remove all of my clothing before i may use the bathroom and i was in Sir's house, i asked Sir if i may just stay naked for Him. It was getting a bit late and we went to go take a shower. The next thing i knew Sir told me to go and kneel in the shower which means only one thing....that Sir wanted to pee on me or to put it a more eloquent way, He wanted to travel further with our exploration of golden showers. The term golden showers is a term i am comfortable with.....although saying that He desires to pee on me or in my mouth is accurate, hearing it in such a blunt manner makes me feel funny. Kind of the same way saying cu*t for the first time did. Back to what happened. i knelt in the shower, wondering if this time Sir would have me open my mouth.....i am always a little nervous...not knowing exactly what Sir would ask me to do. As He approached the shower i couldn't stop the slight tremor running through my body as He pulled His cock out. He complained that peeing is difficult to do if He is getting hard, but i must admit that there was that hint of eroticism that left me feeling aroused in the middle of the submissive mindset that occurs every time as well. As He started to pee i took in a deep breath, closed my eyes and let myself relax. i open my mouth just a tiny bit....just enough for a little bit to get through but that was it. After Sir had finished, He helped me get the shower on, nice and warm and then He undressed and got in as well. One of the reasons i love being in the shower with Sir is because i have a very good chance of being able to bathe Him. There is something about being able to run my soapy hands down His body with care that fills a different aspect of my servitude to Him that i adore. i love being allowed to pay such rapt attention to His body....checking every curve and spot to make sure it has been properly washed makes my slave self go all fuzzy and warm inside. After showering, He and i both dried off and i was allowed to get ready for the night. (i.e. brush my teeth, brush my hair ect.) After Sir left the bathroom i finished up and then walked out to the hallway. i turned off the light to the bathroom and gently went to my knees to crawl into His bedroom. Every time as i am crawling to his bedroom, i sink into a wonderful state of submissiveness. By the time i actually get into His room and by His bed to go into pos. 6 it feels like heaven to be kneeling by His feet. Normally Sir does not keep me there for long, but this time He allowed me to stay there for a couple of minutes. When He told me stand up, i figured that He was going to tell me to get into bed, but my Master had other plans this night. He gently pushed me towards the wall and quietly told me to position myself. His voice, albeit quiet and kind, sent shivers through my body....commanding, one that was not giving options yet with a hint of seduction in it. (at least i think so lol) As i have said before, there are different tones to Sir's voice and that i react to them very much. Before i was against the wall though, i was able to take a glimpse of what was in His was the flogger He had never used before, the one He said would sting quite a bit. my ass was pretty sore from what happened that morning but i honestly felt as though it wouldn't be too bad. After the first couple of strokes i discovered how wrong i was....