Friday, October 5, 2007

Open wide

"When we get home, I want you to immediately strip and go and kneel in the shower." That is what Sir said to me on the way home from a lovely morning/afternoon out, taking in the views and just chatting. i was taken aback for about a second when He said this. Sir and i had spoken about our exploration in golden showers and had agreed that i was ready for Him to pee in my mouth. This would mean keeping my mouth open then entire time....eeek. lol The entire ride home, i kept trying to frantically run that scenario through my head. Imagining it, trying to put it in my head and send that signal to my body. i was afraid that once Sir started, my body would freeze up and i wouldn't be able to open my mouth. When Sir pulled up to His house, He had me get out of the car so He could put it in His garage and reminded me to head straight for the bathroom. i tried to walk calmly through His house but i will admit that i sped up my pace as soon as the door was closed. lol When i got to the bathroom, i hurriedly took of all my clothing, folded it up (a mess in His bathroom would never do) and opened the shower door. i just stood there for a heart was pounding and my breath was a little uneven as i thought about what was going to happen. i got into the shower and fell into pos. 5 and waited. my ears were straining to hear His eyes were closed and i just breathed deep breaths. i slowly but surely started to relax by focusing on my submission then i heard the front door open. my heart rate sped up again as did my nervous anticipation nervous as i was part of me was very excited. As i heard His footsteps getting closer to the bathroom and eventually the shower door i slowly looked up at Him. my brain was in omg mode. lol Sir had me raise up into pos. 4 and my mouth stuck He started to pee on me, i took a deep breath, swallowed and opened my mouth. As i felt the stream of pee move up my body my eyes closed shut....i just couldn't help it...very very intense. Then Sir peed in my mouth...when i opened my eyes and looked up at Him, i was gone...sooo gone. lol i think at that moment my brain stopped thoughts only feelings. Humbleness and submission took mouth stayed open pretty wide and His pee would run out on its own or i would gently push it out of my mouth. When Sir was finished, He held out His cock and told me to kiss it. What happened next happened in degrees... i first very gently just kissed the head of His cock....somehow knowing He wanted me to do more i tentatively went and put the entire head in my mouth. The last time i put His entire cock in my mouth and briefly wondered if He would want me to service Him in that arousal level hitched up while thinking that. However, Sir did not want that...not this time. Some of His pee was in my mouth and i swallowed....almost experimentally. Again, not how you would think it would taste.... After i slid back into pos.5 i was in a daze. Full comprehension of what happened hit me all at once and i was robbed of the power of speech. Sir gently stroked my hair and softly told me i was a good girl and how proud of me He was. The look on His face when looking into my eyes i can only describe as proud and tender. A little part of me melted right there and then. i managed to say "Thank You Sir" and i know i was smiling. When i stood up and He helped me turn on the shower i was still in a daze of sorts. Before He walked out of the bathroom He asked me if i was sure i was okay, with an expression of gentleness and concern. i told Him that i was sure and then after He walked out of the bathroom, i went underneath the hot spray of the water. i just let it run over my body and i leaned against the wall, closed my eyes and didn't even bother to move for the first couple of minutes. When i got done with my shower, i dried off and went into the area where Sir has His computer. Although i know i was speaking and functioning, part of me was still in a very deep submissive mindset. i must say that i love that feeling. The whole experience was amazing and erotic in some ways.....some of it was nerve wracking..but in a good way. As with most things Sir has me do, i look forward to doing this again and i look forward to see where this exploration into golden showers leads.


lord_ricardo said...

the story is very interesting and very nice to read a little more detail would be nice and more feeling on your part also. but it is very nice to read. My slave will read this soon also

chai said...

Thank you for the compliment on the blog. i am happy to read that you are enjoying it and that you are going to have your slave read it as well. i hope that your slave will gain something by reading about my journey.