Friday, October 5, 2007

The Pleasures of Pain: Release

The crop stung....not as much as the cane but it still stung quite a bit. i lost track of how many swats i received....i kept going in and out of subspace....trying to breath through the pain yet everything that had happened made it a bit difficult to do so. One minute all the whacks would blend together and start to echo and then Sir would hit a really really sensitive spot and it would be a sharp pain. i think at that point, the crop was arousing me much more than the cane. After a few minutes of this, Sir brought out the harley and omg.....He had set aside the crop and all i could feel were the edges of pain through my body yet there was also the massive amount of pleasure from the harley on my cu*t. i had experienced something like that, that morning but nothing could have really prepared me for what my Master was going to do next. As the harley was on my cu*t, Sir started to strike the back of my thighs and my ass with the crop again...hard and fast. Almost like He was flicking it against my skin. Ohh....the crop hurt but every time He would strike me with it, i would feel it all the way in my cu*t. Feeling that for the first time threw me a bit off balance....pain and pleasure were being combined in a way i had not experienced before. i started moaning and lifting my ass higher in the a way begging for more. At one point in time Sir said "that's right...let the pain and pleasure combine" Mmmm...the sound of His voice was lol Each stroke, even though it hurt, propelled me closer and closer to an orgasm. At that point pain was pleasure in every sense of word. i remember the orgasm hitting me so fast that i quickly asked Sir if His slut may please cum for Him and was so grateful that He gave permission. Even though Sir is getting me more and more used to putting off an orgasm, i am not sure if i would have been able to hold it back. As the rush of the orgasm ran through me, i asked Sir to please hit me harder (with the crop) and every time the crop came down onto my tender skin, it seemed to strengthen and prolong the orgasm Sir was allowing me to have. Oh when ever i think of the crop i get even more aroused than i have in the past. After i had calmed down and thanked Sir for using me and allowing me to cum for Him, He had me turn over on my back and put my head over the side of the bed where He decided to fu*k my throat for a time. It had been a while since Sir has done that. i loved every minute of it. When He had used me to the extent He wanted to He had me turn back around and lay on the bed. He then decided to put on some nipples clamps....and not just any clamps but the ones that tighten up if they are pulled on. i laid somewhat frozen on the bed....the clamps felt tight and i didn't want to risk making them any tighter. lol Well Sir then grabbed hold and lightly pulled on the chain between them.....i got off His bed as fast i could when He did that and oh boy, they felt much tighter when i was finally standing. lol He then briefly looked at me and then pulled the chain down....for some reason it took me a few seconds to realize that He wanted me on my knees on the floor. After i got onto my knees my nipples were burning a little bit from the clamps....although what Sir had me do next was absolutely wonderful. He looked down at me and told me to suck His cock. Then, since one of my favorite things is to serve my Master in that manner, the nipple clamps didn't seem to hurt as much. lol Again with arousal and pain inter-mixing. Although after a minute or two, Sir had me stop and He put the chain so it was laying on top of the base of His cock and then had me resume serving Him. The chain being there did two, it made me a little nervous since it was there...more or less just wondering if it would move while i was sucking His cock and two, every time i pulled my mouth back it would slightly pull on my nipples. lol That was very interesting.....the pain got to where part of me wished Sir would take them off (it is amazing how fast the brain can soon as i had that thought it was gone) but in the same thought, in order for Him to do that, i would have to stop what i was doing and i did not want to stop pleasing Him. lol i was loving what i was being allowed to do....and yes for those of you wondering, i consider cock worship (my Master's of course) to be a privilege...well any kind of body worship (massage, bathing, rubbing His feet) is a privilege in my mind. So i just let the pain absorb into my body and concentrated on giving Him pleasure. When Sir had once again used me as much as He wanted to He pulled on the chain again and had me stand up. Then Sir removed the clamps one at a time.....taking the time to rub my nipple after taking it off. hurts more coming of than going on. lol Plus with Sir rubbing my nipple i felt the pain spread all the way through my entire breast. i was split when He took off the other one....part of me was dreading how it was going to feel while at the same time, i liked the sensations of them coming off gave me. After they were off, Sir told me that i was a good girl and that i had done a great job. This entire scene was another long one....but it was wonderful in so many ways. i got to experience the flogger i hadn't tried yet, my pain tolerance was once again pushed, which cause different emotions and thoughts. i had my first pain induced orgasm (sort of...i would have to say that the pain pushed me over the edge for sure) and even asked to be cropped harder. Stepping outside my normal behavior was different but great and even Sir seemed happily surprised that i had asked for Him to go harder with the crop. Come to think of it, He teased me a couple of times about it....which made me smile and blush. Sir used the clamps, something that we hadn't done in a while and some where in the midst of serving Him, i made the choice to not ask Him to remove the clamps.....even though they hurt, my Master's pleasure out ranked my own, no doubt. my desire to please and serve Him was so much more important to me. i was very happy that i had done a good job and that i had pleased Him. Some of the things caused conflicts of the mind or body but i must say that i enjoyed every minute of it and was smiling quite a bit afterward. Overall the entire experience was wonderful and i am a lucky slave in my opinion.