Sunday, October 7, 2007

Couch Series Part 1

i walked into the living room....making sure all was cleaned up after lunch. Casually walking in, my eyes take in purple rope and the harley on the couch. For some reason i didn't even notice them until the second time i went in to living room.....then my brain was doing a double take. lol i wasn't expecting Sir to do anything, i had honestly thought we were going to spend the rest of my visit just hanging out and talking. Needless to say i was very surprised and my stomach tightened up...wondering what Sir had in mind. i hurriedly finished up the dishes....filling up quickly with nervous anticipation......just wondering what Sir was going to do or what was going to happen. Since i knew something was going to happen, i asked Sir's permission to use the bathroom and He gave me permission to do so. After exiting the bathroom, i went and made sure the clothing i was going to change in to was laid out and that my bags were packed...everything was ready to go. i went into the living room and Sir asked me if everything was okay. i explained to Him what i had done and He gave me a look of approval. i went into the kitchen to put up the dishes and when i walked back to the living room, Sir had me stand in front of Him as He tied my hands behind my back with one forearm resting on top of the other. Simply being tied up by Sir felt so good....He had me move my arms so He could tie me up with ease and when He was done He had me sit on the couch. Ohh goodness.....He brought out the spreader bar and after asking if my hands felt okay, proceeded to tie my ankles to it so my legs were spread. i am not sure how He did it....but somewhere in the whole process Sir tied the rope so there was a rope on each side of my cu*t....effectively spreading me a bit more than usual. Or maybe it just felt that way.... By the time my Master was done i was curious, nervous and aroused. When He had me where He wanted me, He stood up and calmly took a drink of His tea....part of my brain was like "i am sitting here, tied up and spread and He is drinking tea?" lol The other part of me was so aroused by Him doing that.....just knowing that He would look at me whenever He wanted to and how i was positioned may arouse Him, that i was that way because that is how He wanted me....all of it aroused me to no end. He put down His tea and walked somewhere and when He got back He had a camera. He told me to look at Him and for the life of me i couldn't....part of me was panicked....all i could think was that i couldn't do what He wanted me to. It was sooo hard to look up....i was that nervous but i did. He took three pictures and each one He had to tell me to look up....i had to use my submission very much during that time. The word uncomfortable would work well. lol After He had taken the pics, He sat down next to me on the couch. i remember the tv was playing a football game and Sir looked at the tv for a minute. He then brought out the harley, turned it on and then placed it on my cu*t. As i was squealing from the sudden stimulation, Sir sat back, relaxed and watched the football game. Occasionally looking at me but mostly at the tv. i squirmed, moaned and was moving my hips against the vibe all the while i was burying my head in my Master's side smelling His cologne and feeling the warmth and hardness of His body. i completely let go and let myself flow with the sensations....the situation, my submission, everything. i loved it!! After a while of me being His slut with the harley, Sir turned off the vibe and untied my legs. After the entire weekend i learned not to assume that Sir was done....and He wasn't. He instructed me to lay on my stomach and asked me again if my hands were doing well. i told Him that they were doing well and He had me bend my legs so my feet were in the air. The next thing i knew my Master started to tie my feet together.....