Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sir decided to do something He has not done in a while.....He decided to use me over the phone. i had walked into my room to go to bed for the night and after asking permission to undress for the night Sir told me to go and get my vibe. i was very surprised and happy to be able to please Him. i grabbed my vibe as a shiver of anticipation ran through me. After i had walked back to my bed and laid down Sir told me to turn it on. He then told me to place it on my this time i was already becoming aroused and part of me couldn't wait to see what Sir wanted to do. Well in this instance with Sir using me (i am not going into detail...sorry lol) He had me be vocal. Since He had me starting out fu*king myself slowly, this was very easy to do. As always whenever Sir is using me i fall into that submissive mindset where all i want to do is please my Master. The best way to do that while He is using me is to be His slut in any way He desires me to be. Whenever i get into that mindset i have no problem telling Sir that i am His slut and that my body is for His use.....because i am and my body is. So i was being vocal, letting my Master know how aroused i was and how much i am His. How much of an affect He has on me and how much i was enjoying Him using me. That is a state of mind in which only Sir can take me to. i was moving my hips, moaning and just letting go of myself....allowing myself to lose control as He willed. After i asked Him if His slut may please have permission to cum for Him, i got pretty loud. Loud enough at any rate for Him to go "shhhhh" over the phone. It was a quick and sharp command and i immediately obeyed Him. i thanked Him for using me and allowing me to cum for Him after i was able to catch my least a little bit anyways. A wonderful surprise and treat from my Master.
Another time since i have been home, Sir used me again. This time though, He told me i was not to make any noise whatsoever. No moans or groans or anything. In fact the only time i was allowed to to make any verbal response was to ask His permission to cum for Him and that was it. That was different than the first time.....going from vocal to nothing was very interesting. Knowing that the only sound He wanted to hear was my breathing was erotic. i even tried to breath quietly.....but that didn't work out so well. lol After He had me insert the vibe into my cu*t Sir had me fu*k myself harder and harder as the minutes ticked by. That got a little tough, to be honest. But i still kept fu*king myself as He commanded and the pain and tiredness would fade. Since i was being very quiet, Sir did all the talking. There was one time as He was using me that He said "That's right be a My slut." i think hearing that aroused me as much as i saying that i am His slut. Again i just let myself go.....i used to have a hard time doing that but now it is much easier to do. There is nothing wrong in my obeying Him and doing as He says. i am allowed that freedom to surrender myself to Him, to feel no fear or shame or embarrassment for what i am doing is pleasing Him, which is what makes me feel happy and complete. At this time, fu*king myself hard and staying quiet is how i could please Him the most. Near the end, my cu*t was getting really really sensitive and it started to become hard to keep fu*king myself as hard as He wanted me do. But even though it was hard, the desire to please Him and the pleasure He was creating in me overrode all of that. Sir using me this time was a bit tougher than the first time although i enjoyed every minute of it. i love being used by Sir and i am very thankful when He decides to surprise me by doing so.
There is one other similar experience i have had since being home. Sir gave me a task to do. i was to meditate for my 15 minutes as i usually do but this time i was to put in my butt plug before hand. It had been a while since i had used that and i was a bit nervous about doing so. The plug was a bit hard to get in at first but soon i just enjoyed the full feeling and let my mind wander to where Sir wanted it. At this time, i was to concentrate on presenting Sir with anther it would make me feel and what thoughts came to mind. i had fun with that one. lol Lots of images. After my meditation i was to take my vibe and run it up and down my clit for 10 minutes. i had to move slowly and i could not insert in into my cu*t. i had a couple of fantasies while doing so. (Not i did at odd intervals remember the crop and and the stinger from our last visit. Both of which caused my arousal level to go higher.....even though i still don't really like the stinger. i don't like it yet part of me would like to experience that again. Don't you love how that works? lol After the ten minutes were up, i was instructed to fu*k myself hard for twenty minutes straight. No stopping, even if i came. This was unusual since normally when i do cum, i am allowed to stop, but not this time. As well as being given permission to cum, i was also instructed to ask Sir for His permission to cum for Him. Doesn't matter if He is there or not, i still need to ask permission. my Master did tell me that i had to gradually build up to where i was fu*king myself hard....and since i wasn't allowed to stop, this also meant that i had to continue to fu*k myself hard afterward. So when i started, i was filled with nervous anticipation. i wasn't sure what it was going to feel like to keep fu*king myself after i came and hard at that. i knew i needed to stay relaxed so that i wasn't tense (i have learned it is hard for me to cum if i am too tense) and most importantly, i needed to let go and just let myself feel everything that was happening. i slowly built up to a hard pace...thinking of Sir and His voice and past times attributed to my arousal quite heavily. When i felt my orgasm imminent, i asked Sir if His slut may please cum for Him and then the climax hit. It was hard to move the cu*t tightened up quite a bit as well as the rest of my body. When the orgasm faded, i resumed fu*king myself and learned that my cu*t gets really sensitive afterward. It actually started to hurt a little but soon the pain faded back into pleasure once again. A few minutes later the timer went off for this task all i could do was lay back and breath for a few minutes. When i finally calmed down completely i went and had some cereal and then i went to bed. Happy that i had pleased Him and a bit tired from all the activities that He had me do. Going from nervous anticipation before, to relaxed and aroused during meditation, to really letting go and behaving like His slut, then cumming for Him and then going from it hurting a little bit and then back to pleasure was pretty cool. i felt very happy that i kept fu*king myself hard even afterward even though it got a little rough. Knowing i was pleasing Him even though it got a little hard was a wonderful feeling. All of these experiences were different in many ways. All were wonderful and each time i had to adjust myself to the situation at hand. More learning and more experiences from Sir....and more unexpected treats. With one i was vocal, the other one silent and one in which i had to use my submission to keep fu*king myself and then experiencing that blend of pleasure/pain. Being able to serve Him in any manner makes me feel complete and with all of these i try to do just that. All of this makes this slave very happy indeed.


Anonymous said...

Nice snap. Are the snaps on this blog those of slave chai ?