Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Pleasures of Pain: Onslaught

When the first swoop of the flogger hit me, i sucked in a breath with a hiss. That thing was so stingy on my ass....more so since what happened that morning. After about 30 seconds i found out how much i really wanted that to much. lol Each stroke felt like tiny bee stings on the parts of me that weren't sensitive and the places that were felt like needles were being run across them. Omg...i think that if i hadn't been so sensitive it might have felt different. After only a couple of minutes Sir stopped and pulled me to Him. He then asked how it felt and i replied that it was very stingy. He then asked me which i preferred....the flogger or the cane. i immediately said cane....the next thing i knew, Sir was once again gently pushing me against the wall and told me to take position. When i realized what He was going to do, i felt a wave of relief. There was no way the cane could be worse than the flogger at the time. Well......after the first 2 strokes i was wishing for the flogger again. lol The strikes echoed throughout my entire body, and with the third cane stroke i was flush against the wall. But Sir pushed me hard and fast...instead of giving me time to re-center my self i received an additional 2 strikes...while against the wall. Oh goodness that was different. The two stroke were sooo fast and hard and i had a small urge to yell...but it still felt so good. Go figure. lol But at the same time....i felt that emotional bridge falling down again. As i stood there hopping from foot to foot, praying that my Master was done, Sir gave me specific instructions. His tone of voice was soft and very stern which brought out in me instant obedience. He told me "I am going to give you three more and you are to count each one....present yourself and don't you dare move at all" As i am sure some of you know, it is amazing in how One can sound so stern and bring you into a state of unthinking obedience yet some place inside you turns into a big pile of aroused goo. So needless to say, my arousal level went up a bit. When i heard Him speak those words, i slowly put my hands on the wall and braced myself...not physically, but mentally. i knew about how much it was going to hurt so this way i could try to find a way to work through the pain. As stroke one fell, the words "one Sir" came out quickly and with each stroke my response was slower and slower. After number three had been given, i took a deep breath and right at that moment, Sir gave me a forth! "Ooowww... 4 Sir." Broken words....i was again being brought to the edge of my tolerance for pain. After that, Sir and i cuddled for a quick moment and then i found myself on all fours on His bed again. i am not sure if i heard it first or felt it first....but Sir had brought out the crop and struck one of the most tender spots i had (or at least it felt like it) hard and quick. my hands automatically grabbed His comforter as i made a squeak of pain.