Tuesday, October 23, 2007


There is something new in the wind at the moment....she is a friend of mine whom Sir has nicknamed rabbit. Well rabbit and i have been friends for just a short while but she and i just "clicked". After a couple of weeks of getting to know one another and her many questions about my collar, (she at first thought it was a choker) i decided to tell her about the lifestyle i share with Sir, our dynamic and BDSM in general. she wasn't turned off about BDSM, just the opposite really. she was very curious about everything contained therein and asked me endless questions. lol In many ways, rabbit reminds both Sir and i of me 10 months ago....very curious and shy but eager to explore her submission. So it has been decided among the three of us that she will come with me to visit Sir sometime in the future. Omg!! lol i am really very excited and so is she. There are a few reasons as to why she is coming....for starters she is my birthday present to Sir. (so better than a tie- lol) and for those of you wondering, she is fully aware of this fact and is not only excited to be His present but she also finds it to be a very erotic thought to be "given away". There are many things that Sir wishes to explore with her when she visits...bondage, forced orgasm, crawl training my continuing journey into my bi-sexual side (that opens many doors to her visit) and of course the many ways my submission will be used and rabbit's starting journey into her own submission. Really very exciting stuff. On the topic of rabbit discovering her own submission, it is my Master's intent that she be able to explore her submission through domestic service, ritual and protocol as well as some sexual service. i think the best part is that she knows that she gets to freely explore all of things in a safe environment....where she can relax and know that nothing will happen that she doesn't agree to. rabbit also has quite a few erotic fantasies that Sir is planning on exploring as well as a few of His own. (ohhh boy- blushing will occur i am sure lol) Some of the things He has planned so far gives me a strong dose of nervous anticipation as well as arousal. i haven't really touched, played or fu*ked another female in years! (literally) So all of this does make me a bit nervous....funny, that is one thing rabbit is not really nervous about at all. lol i think that all of this is wonderful....i truly like rabbit and have become fast friends with her and i think that this upcoming visit will be made so much better because of that fact. More to come soon i promise.