Monday, October 8, 2007


Couch Series Part 2 will be here the meantime, i thought to discuss something. Last night Sir and i were talking on the phone about the whole scene on the couch and His seemingly nonchalant behavior. Nonchalant being Him "watching" the game on the tv while using me. The conversation (part of it) went something like this. i asked Him why He had done that and He told me that He wasn't going to give me the answer. Instead He wanted to know why i thought He had done it and how it made me feel. i told Him that even though He seemed nonchalant, somewhere in my head i knew that He wasn't being so. my Master never does anything without a reason. i knew the feeling....but i couldn't put a word to it. He asked me if it aroused me and after some giggling, i said "Yes Sir". He told me that there was no right or wrong answer....that it is just the way that i feel. Again with me getting shy when admitting i enjoy something of a sexual nature. A little bit into the conversation He asked me if it felt like something He had done in the past. To explain, one time Sir used me while on the web cam. i was letting lose, masturbating at His command, while He sat down in front of His computer and ate dinner. For some reason, although i did not understand it at the time, i found that very arousing. i said as much to Sir and He told me that was the first hint that He had that i enjoyed objectification. i was silent for a few minutes turning the idea in my head. i have never really considered that before.....almost every time in the past when i heard that phrase, i thought of someone being used as furniture or something like that. So for Him to put it in that light was something different but made a great deal of sense. So i got my Master's seemingly nonchalant behavior on the couch was for the purpose of bringing out the emotion and mind set of objectification. Of being His property to do with as He pleased....His toy He gets to play with whenever He desires to. As much as i may blush to admit this.....that image and concept does arouse me very much. It is another thing that i have learned through Sir. It was something He knew, that i didn't....well i knew the feeling but i didn't know the word. It makes me wonder what else there is about me that my Master sees and i do not......