Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Couch Series Part 2

When Sir told me to lay face down, i could not help but get butterflies in my stomach. After He had finished tying me up, He spread my legs as far as they could go. i was open...both physically and mentally. Being tied up in a hog tie with my legs spread felt wonderful. i am sure that Sir had the view that He wanted....and i enjoyed being in that position for Him. As i took a couple of deep breaths and relaxed into the position i was in, Sir turned the harley back on. Ohh lord. lol Maybe it was because it was the position i was in, or the fact that i was in a particular submissive mindset or maybe it was even because Sir had aroused me so much already, that when He put the vibe back on my cu*t, i breathed a sigh of relief. Squealing quickly followed though. lol i think that i truly enjoyed not being able to move....the only thing i could do was feel. i remember Sir laying the harley down on the couch so it was still touching my cu*t as He left the room for a brief moment. It was so hard just laying there....mostly because i didn't stay very still. lol To explain...if i didn't move, the vibe wouldn't move....but my body had other ideas. i would move my hips up and down, trying to feel more of it....unfortunately when i did that it would move back just the tiniest bit. The sensations that caused was lol Just barely the short time Sir was gone i was desperately trying to feel the sensations more fully. When He did return, He lifted the vibe again.....very shortly i felt my body seeking an orgasm. What happened next i could not have predicted at all.....i felt a very sharp, painful sting. It took my brain about 30 seconds to ascertain what it was.....the little hand held "stinger". It felt like little bee stings....this is one of my Master's toys that i do not like. lol However, my body totally disagreed with my head. my brain was going, no no no while each touch (as much as it stung) seemed again to propel me into an orgasm. That was the second time that visit that that that had happened. Again my ass seemed to raise itself in the air as pleasure and pain intermixed. Although my brain was going "no" i still loved was something that my Master wanted me to go through and i was very happy to have pleased Him. When it comes to the "no" in my brain......well.....i didn't say no or my safe word during that entire time. i think it goes back to even though something hurts, you still want the crop....or the cane. lol i have read about some women having a hard time cumming unless there is that added element of pleasure/pain and i wondered if perhaps i may be one of those. Although what happened next i think defeats that theory. After i had asked Sir if His slut may cum for Him, He gave permission and i came for Him, He kept the vibe on my cu*t. Sir then took His purple dildo and inserted it into my cu*t. Oh my goodness..... He started out really slow and i gave in completely to the added sensations He was allowing. i squirmed....presented my ass higher....just let go for Him. After a couple of minutes He asked me if i felt another orgasm building and i nodded my head. Then i realized that that was probably not acceptable. lol So i replied "yes Sir" and He started to go faster and harder with the dildo. He would speak occasionally...telling me i was a good girl (it is amazing the different effect that has when He is using me vs when He is not) and other things, or asking me what i was. Mmmmm. lol i think, thanks to my Master, that i am getting back in touch with the side of me that enjoys vocal stimulation. Well i felt the rush of an orgasm hit me and i once again asked Sir if His slut may have permission to cum for Him. However this time, He paused for a few seconds and then asked me "Do you really need to cum?" i practically shouted "Yes Sir, please oh please may Your slut please cum for You?" lol He then waited a few more seconds and i was trying soo hard not to whole body was tense and even though my body wanted to cum, i had this little voice in my head that was telling i had better not. Thank goodness i soon heard Sir telling me to cum. It took a couple of seconds for His words to register....and omg....the orgasm Sir allowed me to have was intense. As i felt Him untie me, my whole body was lax and heavy. What happened afterward is XXX so i'm not putting it in here....This whole scene on the couch was so wonderful. In the end i discovered something new about myself. The stinger required i use my submission as did having to control my orgasm....(not for too long thank goodness). The latter definitely reiterating the fact that my orgasm is for my Master's enjoyment, not my own. One more wonderful way i was pushed, used and praised this visit. Best part, there is another visit scheduled in the very near in the future.....yay!