Monday, May 21, 2007

Visitors part 3

He first tried it on me that afternoon and although i had told Him that i was very nervous about trying the hood, He tells me i did much better than i thought i would. Sir and i have discussed this before, how it would be different if i could not see. What i have come to realize is that there is very little logic when i cannot see. Logic being i knew what was going to happen and where. Sir effectively took that logic away from me. It was a little scary and yet so freeing at the same time. i didn't get to think about what something may feel like, or have that mental understanding. All i could do was feel and become even more reactionary than before. Emotionally i didn't know what to feel. my mind had often controlled what my feelings were, and without that direction i was just left standing there. Unguarded, open and bare. Thoughts were flying around my head, what will He do and when? Or where for that matter? my trust in Sir became my grounding and when He touched me, His touch became my center and helped me balance myself. He used something called a "cobra stinger" and i about jumped out of my skin. He ran it over my nipples and i couldn't help but flinch and jump. Because i could not see, part of me wanted to move away from the stinger, instead my submission to Sir and the knowledge that i was there for His pleasure and my body was for His use kept me from moving away. i remember His hand applying more pressure to tell me to stay still. Quiet Dominance, words were not needed. He was proud of me and said that i looked sexy wearing the hood. i was very happy that i had pleased Him. The experience was intense but as Sir has a habit of doing, i was left wanting more.

The trust i have in Sir is unconditional and i love that feeling. But i must admit i had wave of nervousness when Sir put the hood on in front of Mistress K and Sir M. Well, nervousness and anticipation. There is a certain type of thrill that comes from not being able to see what is about to happen, or in this case, also not knowing about who it doing it. i remember feeling a hand brush against me and then someone behind me. i felt a hand, small, smooth and nails and i knew it was Mistress K. Although She had been very kind about the crop, i also remembered the nipple clamps and vibe, so i knew not to underestimate Her. The next thing i knew i felt pin-pricks run up and down my body, quickly and lightly. i jumped, more so since i did not have the mental advantage of knowing where it was coming from. i had no idea what was being used and did not find out until later.

When all was said and done i will admit i was drained from the entire night. Sir told me to go and kneel at Mistress K's feet... this was the first time i have ever sat at anyone else's feet than Sir's. Sitting at Sir's feet is somewhere i want to be and it feels right sitting at His feet. So sitting at Mistress K's feet wasn't bad... just different. As i sat there kneeling, She began to run Her fingers through my hair which i will admit i found comforting. my brain was so tired that Her gentle touch was soothing and calming. Sir tells me that i leaned into Her a few times which i found a little surprising because i did not even realize that i was doing so. While She was doing this i cannot remember anyone talking to me, i was, in a way, in my own little world. Plus i was finding that i really was becoming tired rather quickly. i will also admit that i do not remember anything that was said between the three of Them, i just remember something about Mistress K and Sir M needing to leave. So They and Sir went to go get the coats and i followed. At first i assumed the position i had started out in the beginning of the evening, but Sir told me it was ok to give Them hugs goodbye. i will admit that i hugged Them both.... i am from the South and it is an ingrained habit to hug everyone when saying goodbye. lol i couldn't help it... to me a hug is a gesture of friendship and i found myself liking Mistress K and Sir M already. They were not what i expected but way better. They were very open and honest and as i have said before also kind. It was wonderful to listen about Their experiences and opinions. They both also have a great sense of humor which i totally loved... i love to laugh and make jokes myself so i can appreciate a sense of humor. Hopefully i will get to meet Mistress K and Sir M again the next time i go to Sir. The whole experience was overwhelming yes. But it was also a learning experience as well as fun, filled with laughter and nervousness, intense and yet also calming. Overall.. definitely cool. What will happen next i have no idea, but i am looking forward to it.