Monday, May 14, 2007

Butt-plug training day 1

Sir has added a new dimension to my daily task, which presently consists of 15 minutes naked in pos 6 for meditation before i go to work and before i go to bed. Well, since this past weekend, with the addition of the butt plug Sir sent home with me, i am to put the butt plug in for an hour before i go to work and i have to continue with my daily routine as usual. The last 15 minutes of of that task i am to spend naked in pos 6 for meditation. Today was day one. All in all an interesting feeling to say the least. lol Bending over became a little uncomfortable to do and i had to run to the store which means i had to sit straight on my butt. The sensation was a little distracting because i kept shifting my weight in some vain hope (i think) to make it more comfortable. As i went walking through the store i kept thinking i was waddling. Don't laugh, i am being serious. lol i can laugh at myself, this is a good thing. For that full hour my sense of my own submission was definitely strong for every time i moved i was reminded why the butt plug was there in the first place. Knowing i could not and would not remove it made me think of Sir and how He would probably be laughing if He could see me struggle to bend over with my legs pressed together. To be honest, i would probably laugh at myself if i videotaped myself. The good news through all of this is that it went in easier than before which is Sir's intention in my butt-plug training. i am sure that i will become more accustomed to it to where it can be in there for an extended period of time with little or no effort. i am not sure how long that will take but i am sure it will. i will probably write upon this subject again in the future. Until that time i will endeavor to perfect my training.