Wednesday, May 16, 2007

An exhibitionist is born

Last night Sir gave me as task for today. i was to take my butt plug and short jean skirt (which you know i had to bring a top and shoes as well) to work with me. After work i was to go into the bathroom, choose a stall, get completely undressed and then i was change into my jean skirt, with no underwear, and insert my butt plug. i was in the stall beginning to undress when Sir called me. His timing is uncanny sometimes. It would seem His intent was to 'tag' along with me during my tasks. i have gotten completely undressed in the bathroom a few times before and i suppose i didn't get as nervous because i knew i was getting naked to change into something else. Anyway, the newest aspect of my task was to insert the butt plug as Sir instructed. That i was nervous about. i have been doing my butt plug training so it went in pretty easily which made me more comfortable.
Now here is the harder part. i was really nervous that someone might see the butt plug that i had in and walking was a little harder to do until i was able to look in a mirror and know for sure. Well i couldn't see so i knew no one else could either. i had to go to another store to finish an errand and while i was in there Sir had me pick out a skirt and go into a dressing room and i was not allowed to lock the door. When i entered the dressing room Sir had me remove all of my clothing and asked me in which direction i would like to face. i choose facing the door. i felt that way the possibility of someone accidentally walking and in seeing the butt plug was the lowest risk. Having to choose between two evils was not fun at all. Exciting but not that fun. lol That may not make much sense i know. After i had made my decision Sir had me put on the skirt that i had picked out. To be honest i liked it but it still ran a little big.
Then Sir told me to open the door an inch. Just an inch but the way i reacted you would have thought He told me to run through the store naked. i froze, i hesitated in shock. my thoughts during that time are as follows. "Omg He really wants me to do this" "there is NO way i can do this" "omg i AM going to do this, and i am going to do this because Sir wants me to" "just give me one more minute" "Oh lord, the door is cracked open- holy sh*t don't laugh out loud- too late" When i had put the skirt on Sir had me bend all the way over and look at myself. That made me really giggly, partially because i was still going "i can't believe i am doing this" in my head. Sir then had me slowly raise back up just to the point where the butt plug was no longer visible and then proceeded to tell me that i was to bend down in that manner anytime He tells me to. When that was completed Sir allowed me to get re-dressed and leave the dressing room. As i walked through another store Sir suggested that i bend over to check my sandals to make sure they were ok. i could have died.... but i stopped immediately and bent over as He told me to. i hadn't walked more than 10 feet and Sir told me i should check again just to make sure. At this point, thoughts of leaving at a dead run became appealing and i said so to Sir. He started laughing because i am sure He found the circumstances funny, and He also knew i would not actually start running through the store. i had to walk back through my work to pick up my bag before i left and since i complained to Sir about how my locker is on the very bottom, Sir found it amusing for me to bend ALL the way over at the waist to open my locker. Here are some more thoughts from me (Yes you will be reading these often) "Ok, i can handle this, just hurry and stand back up" "i can't get the combination correct because my stupid hands are shaking" "Crap, this is not good, this is not good-ok, just slow down, almost there- got it! Ok- stand back up quickly!" That in some ways, was SO much fun yet utterly nerve-wracking. Sir and i chatted briefly about how the day had gone so far and when i got to my car, Sir informed me that i was to enter my vehicle the same way i was taught when visiting Him. Pulling my skirt above my ass and sitting down so my whole ass touches the seat. i was also told that this is part of my protocol, i am to enter the vehicle in this manner every time i wear a skirt. Doing this was very hard for me, i had to be aware of cars driving behind me and around me and time it as best as i could. i was so nervous about someone seeing me that i did not have much more thoughts other than "PLEASE don't let anyone see me" so i will leave it at that and briefly mention that there was a lot of giggling on my part involved. my next stop was the "toy" store where i was to ask a female associate to help me find either a bullet or egg vibrator and where the anal toys were at. While doing this Sir was going to stay on the phone and i was not allowed to speak to Him while i was speaking with the associate. At first i was nervous about going in there and being up front and asking someone those type of questions, but to my surprise (and Sir's i think) i sounded very calm and relaxed about asking. You would have thought i had done this many times before but i had only been there once. The associate was very nice and logical which helped me relax even more.Sir being on the phone while i was chatting with her was fun and i felt faintly naughty talking about vibrators and dildos with Sir just listening. He would tell me what to look for and ask questions and i had to try to answer them without being obvious that i was speaking to someone, so it probably appeared that i was speaking to myself, but it was still very fun. i didn't buy the anal dildo but i did buy the egg vibrator AND Sir let me buy a set of nipple clamps that i had been thinking of for a while. Three tiered with purple and black beads, which i thought was perfect since His favorite color is purple. When i finally got done shopping, i went back into my car and Sir said that He was going to let me go and go to the gym. He asked me what else i needed to do today at which my answer was getting the oil changed, going to the video store and going to the grocery store. Sir gave me these instructions. At the place where i was to get my oil changed i was to act a proper lady, at the video store i was to pick two movies at the very bottom of the shelf and bend down to pick them up and at the grocery store i was to find one object on the bottom shelf and do the same. Obviously the oil change went well, the video store didn't have many people in it so the nervousness level wasn't that high and the grocery store was new because i know there are a lot of cameras inside and that there ARE people watching said cameras. Sir told me that when i got home i was to strip and clean the house naked. Walking around the house naked felt good because i enjoy being naked and feel comfortable doing so. Although i had to put my shoes on when sweeping but even that could have been viewed as sexy, at least i think so. Sir got back from the gym and called me and i informed Him that i need to take my mom some food and that i would not be long. Sir told me that would be fine and when i got home i was to stay dressed until i got online because He wanted to watch me strip, so i got to take my mom food wondering what Sir may have planned. Display is a given, and i know He will use me, i am just not sure how. So i was horny and filled with anticipation when i got home. Upon my arrival Sir told me to get all of my toys and when i looked into my drawer to get them out, i mentally cataloged everything. Vibrator, butt plug, lube, egg vibrator, nipple clamps and clit cream. i started laughing because i had not any of those items at the beginning of this year, and it was a strong visual reminder of how much life can change. i think i am lucky, because i see all the changes as very good things that make me feel happy, content, and proud. After washing the new toys Sir had me log on and start the cam for Him. i do not wish to go into any great detail about what He had me do, so i will just give you the major highlight. i had the butt plug in my ass, the vibrator in my cu*t, the nipple/clit clamps on and the egg vibrator on my clit and oh my god. That was so new in so many ways, i have never had that much stimulation at once and my body went into overdrive. i was already pretty swollen and very sensitive so i was feeling everything to the max. When He was finished using me i felt a calmness in me that comes from getting a lot of pleasure out of submitting and using my submission. Sir commented on how i looked so it must also show in my face when i am in that mind set so deeply. All in all it was a wonderful day filled with new things and experiences and most definitely fun!