Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bath time

This is an occurrence that happened a few days ago and only now have i had a chance to tell of it. It has to do with a bath and the fact that Sir gave me permission to not only masturbate but to cum if i needed to. How this all started out was simply by Sir saying He needed to take a shower and then asking me what i was going to do. i told Sir i was thinking about taking what i call a sexy bath....which means that i put on a bubble bath, nice hot water, light a few candles (lately only one...hmmm another entry i think) and put on my favorite mood music which is usually Enigma because it is slow and sensual. Sir told me that He thought that was a wonderful idea and then informed me in the same breath that i could masturbate and cum if i needed to. That caught me a bit off guard since that was not what i was expecting to hear and after a moment or two of silence i thanked Sir for permission to masturbate and cum. i was big smiles and excited as i started my bath and got everything ready...normally when i take a bath like this i get aroused but since i am on restriction i do not do anything about it. i call it "self imposed torture". Even though i get aroused and horny i still love taking baths like that. So the fact that i was given permission to not only play with myself but also allowed to cum made me a very happy subbie. lol There is a definite trend to my sexy baths and that night was no exception. i started by letting my body sink into the water, relax and let myself fall into the music. After a while i grabbed my cotton loofah, get it all soapy and then raise up on my knees so i am kneeling. With the music surrounding me and my eyes closed i slowly ran the soapy loofah up and down my arms, feeling the water slice down my skin, the soap slowly trailing afterward. i was having a lot of fun doing that over and over just feeling the water caress my body. After a few minutes of this, my mind started to wander and i started to imagine that Sir was just watching me bathe. i started to slow down my movements and since i had permission to play with myself, i let my hands linger over my breasts and nipples for just a couple of moments and let my hands slowly move down to my cu*t. As i continued to play with myself my imagination and memory took over as i imagined everything that Sir has done and may do. The memory of the sound of His voice around me, His hands, His eyes, really made me wish i was able to ask Him if i may suck His cock and that memory just sent my lust and arousal factor into overdrive. So what it boiled down to is that i was kneeling in an upright position, with my legs spread (as far as i could get them to in the tub), my forehead resting against the wall, eyes closed and my hand switching between rubbing my clit and inserting my fingers into my cu*t. The air was really hot and it was getting a little hard to suck in breath....i had made the water so hot that my bathroom was turning into a steam room. Within a few minutes (i think) the urge to cum was there and even though Sir was not there with me, i asked Him if His slut may cum for Him. Although my orgasms are enjoyable to me, they are for Sir's pleasure, not my own. Sir did not tell me i needed to ask Him His permission to cum, it was something that i did not out of conscious thought but more a reaction to the fact that i felt the urge to cum...that and i like asking for His permission as well......blushing now. lol Since i was all alone i got a little loud when cumming and i had a very wonderful orgasm. Thank You again Sir! Being given a treat by Sir like that unexpectedly was a wonderful surprise and when Sir and i spoke later that evening He told me He was proud of me for cumming. He was also happy that lately i have been cumming easier...a lot easier. That i think will be yet another entry.