Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vanilla Moments

This is something that i woke remembering and wanted to write about. A few of the vanilla moments that Sir and i shared and some of the things that we did. So much fun and sometimes a little goofy, but make for wonderful memories.

~ Going to the movies. Sir and i went and watched 2 movies at the movie theater...the Bourne Ultimatum and Rush Hour 3. The Bourne Ultimatum was a really good film and i even jumped from some of the scenes. There was one really good scene at a station where the choreography with the characters was so awesome just to watch. The only bad thing was all the camera seemed like the camera man had the camera on his shoulder and was running everywhere with it. That and a lot of split second close ups and then backing away made my head spin a little. Sir said that He felt the same thing...but even with all the camera movements it was still a great film and the ending rocked. With Rush Hour 3 i do not think Sir and i have laughed that hard ever. lol We both had tears in our eyes and as usual Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker gave an excellent performance. It was great just sitting next to Sir enjoying a good movie, hanging out and just having fun.

~Pillow Yep you heard me right. Sir and i were laying in bed after He fu*ked me and He had braced Himself over me and said something...i wish i could remember what but i do remember that it was a sarcastic/humorous remark. i looked at the pillow next to my head and then looked to Sir thinking..."Hmmm...would it be worth it?" lol Sir read my mind once again, gave me that sexy "I dare you" grin and said..."Yes it's worth it." All i could think was "Yes!!" lol So i grabbed the pillow next to me and swung. Sir grabbed the other pillow and got me in the head. i started laughing saying it wasn't fair that He was stronger than me and that He was swinging faster than me...but i did manage to get in a few really good swings. lol As i told many slaves get permission to hit their Master in the head with a pillow?

~ Sir took me bike riding and i had such a great time with Him. He took me through this eucalyptus patch of trees and it smelled so nice. We rode by the ocean and soaked up the views....the air smelled wonderful and the weather was perfect. Other people and kids were out riding around and Sir and i would chat while riding, looking at everything and Sir pointing things out to me. We rode up this huge hill (at least it seemed like it to me) and it got so hard to pedal, but i did it. Sir kept encouraging me saying "Come on cutie..just a little bit more, you're almost there" and i discovered that i cannot ride and laugh at the same time. Sir saying that made me think of when He is using me and it starts to get tough and He tells me "Just a couple more" lol There were a couple of other women who were riding in the opposite direction who cheered me on when Sir and i were almost to the top. So cool. There was a time when Sir and i were going up another hill and He said something about me beating Him up the hill and i asked what i would get if i did. Sir said i would get a spanking so i geared up and went into a sprint. lol Can you blame me?? Well Sir said something and then started to push Himself and i started laughing and lost so fact i had to ask Sir if we could stop for a couple of mins because my legs were getting so tired. But it was still great and i got a wonderful view of His sexy. About halfway through the bike ride Sir took me to Jamba Juice...yay!! So He and i sat around and just chatted about the weather and what else we wanted to do that day and how much fun we have had so far. Then when we got close to the car we saw these HUGE kites on the beach, one with a 50ft tail so we hung around for a few min and just watched. We also got to see some classic cars...they were SO beautiful and there was one "gangster car" i told Sir i wanted to have sex in. There was one car Sir told me if i ever got rich i could buy for Him.....another gorgeous car. lol One thing Sir and i have in common...we both love cars. We also got to see some seals and ride around town a bit. i ended up with a slight sun burn but it was so worth every minute. Just an example of some of the vanilla moments that He and i share....sometimes just relaxing, other times goofy or active, but always fun.