Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where To Begin....

Okay, i know it's been long enough since i have written. As i sit here (on the plane going back to my home) my hand reaches up and touches the collar around my slave collar. That in itself is another story, one i promise to tell you soon. my mind does a quick re-wind over the past week and how things have changed in the dynamic with Sir. Well, not really changed, just solidified (even more) in some ways. Nope- no answers this time...this is just an overview....sorry. ::grins:: lol The plane ride (to Sir) went quickly enough i suppose....when i finally got off the plane i was so excited i was shaking a little bit. In some ways it felt like the first time i met Sir....nervous and so excited all at the same time. All i could think was how long it had been since i had seen Sir, how much i missed Him and how much i was looking forward to being able to serve Him once again. We were on the phone and Sir was telling me where He was in the airport when voila....there He was!! lol When i got to the bottom of the escalator i had to push down the urge to pretty much just jump on Sir. i got big hugs though so i was one very happy subbie. The car ride home was one mixed with fun conversation, real conversation and quiet moments. my first day with Sir was the start of many new things happening in our dynamic. That will be written about in a series named "Firsts". Expect that series to be a long one....and even then i still won't be done writing about my week with Sir. some ways it was like a dream. Erotic, romantic, funny, goofy, relaxed, intense, and fun. lol That is a lot i know and i am still smiling. Whew....what a wonderful week. i am made even happier knowing that Sir had a good time and was pleased with me and my service to Him this week. i was able to be immersed in my submission to Sir and we even had a chance to just hang out, in vanilla settings and Sir even pushed one of His own limits this visit as well. So much to write about..... overall a wonderful visit, i had a great time and i can't wait until i get to see Sir again...but who could blame me?