Monday, August 13, 2007

Going, going .....GONE

Well here it is.....the time has come and i am leaving shortly. Yea!!! As Sir keeps saying, it's about time. lol It feels like it has been longer than it has actually been and i have major butterflies in my stomach right now. Excitement and anticipation are intertwined and at a pretty high level. It has been so long since i have seen Sir.....i can't wait for the moment when His arms are around me in one of those hugs from Him i love so much. As for everything else it may take me a few days but i will write more soon, i promise.


Oregano said...

Hello chai,

My Master directed me to your page a few days ago, and i wanted to let you know how much i am enjoying reading your blogs. There are many things i can relate to, others that i have not experienced yet, but find exremely moving or inspiring. Thank you for sharing yourself in this way and enjoy your visit! I am also in a long distance relationship at the present.

I have a myspace that details my own journey (though it is not nearly as refined as your blog). If you're interested, it is at

All my best,
Slave kylee

chai said...

Hi kylee,
First please let me say thank you for the wonderful compliment you left on my blog. my Master and i are always happy when my blog touches someone on their journey.
i truly enjoy writing about my exploration with my Master, even when it isn't easy to do. A long distance dynamic can be challenging at times, but i wish you and your Master the best. i look forward to reading more of your journal and hearing from you again soon.