Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Firsts:: Anal beads

Anal beads. Oh goodness....i think i prefer the plug. lol Well...not really, i mean they are just so different from each other. Allow me to try and explain. The plug is solid and it is more of a filling sensation. With the beads i felt them but it wasn't as "filling" as the plug. What had happened is that Sir had me get into pos.8 and then applied some nipple clamps. More shivers...i think i missed those. That pinch of pain as the clamps are applied, that pain i can breath through and just absorb into my body that spreads as the clamps get tighter or like one time, Sir applies weights to them. That was a wonderful start i think, although i wasn't expecting His next move at all. He went and grabbed the anal beads and some lube and sat down behind me. my body tensed up, if no other reason than Sir hasn't used me in that fashion for some time. As Sir got ready to put each one in at a time, i breathed deeply and tried to get my whole body to relax. As much as i was a little nervous about this happening, i was also aroused at the same time. i can't help it, i like my ass being played with and used. lol Thanks to Sir having me do my butt plug training again before my visit, He told me that they went in rather easy. The anal beads going in didn't make me nervous, however, them coming out did. Sir once said that He would like to put those in and then get behind me with a crop in His hands and make me crawl so that they pop out and i got this vision in my head that i would be pretty sore by the time they would all come out. lol But this time, He just wanted me to stay still. He gave me a few minutes to adjust and then started to slowly pull them out one by one. i had to pull from my submission to stay still...i remember gripping the comforter so i wouldn't move...i certainly wasn't going to move forward...the beads coming out slowly felt weird enough, i didn't even want to know how they felt coming out fast. lol In some ways the sensations that they caused coming out was interesting and a little arousing. Part of me was just waiting for a little "popping" sound as Sir pulled them out. lol For some reason though, i started to say "no" out loud. That was very new as well. i wasn't yelling it or anything, really just a repetitive murmur. i have expressed to Sir in the past that i was nervous about saying no or anything like that because i was afraid of Him stopping and after the first "no" popped out and He didn't stop, i actually got this small wave of relief. It wasn't that i was actually saying no to what He was doing, it was more of an affirmation that this was something that pushed my comfort level. Verbally recognizing it was, in a way, breaking a wall down. i don't think i can explain it much better than that really, at least for the time being. But it felt good to say really allow myself to feel the discomfort of Sir not only pulling out the beads slowly but intently watching my ass as He did it. Even though this did push my comfort level a bit, it is still something i would be very willing to try again....the image of Sir behind me with a crop enters my brain...omg. lol Part of me wonders how long i could hold out before my ass started to get a little sore........