Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Firsts:: Rubber Band Man

Another first this visit was Sir using a rubber band. Goodness those things hurt!! It is a very localized sting that burns for a few minutes even afterward. What had happened was that Sir was on the computer and i was standing next to Him. He signed off, turned His chair towards me and then looked down at His desk and saw the rubber band. Apparently Sir got the idea to use it because the next thing i know, He holds one side to my thigh with one hand with the other He pulled back the rubber band....i wanted to move SO bad. Omg....all i could think was "no no no...i KNOW that's gonna hurt, omg He is really going to do this, why is He smiling...oh yeah that's why...please don't do that Sir" lol i was giggling so bad because i was nervous and truly having to fight back the instinct to move away. i think it took quite a bit of my submission to stay standing where i was. Well He pulled back and "SNAP!!" and i went "Owwww.." and then giggling ensued. my hopes of Sir being done were dashed when He said something to the effect of it not being even (only marking one leg... Sir has a thing for symmetry) and i had to resign myself to the fact that i had no clue how long He was going to snap me with a rubber band. Still had to fight moving though, every single time. Sir got the front of my thighs, the back of my thighs, the underside of my breasts and even my nipples! A couple of times it didn't hurt so Sir decided to do it time Sir said "Well now that didn't hurt...guess I will have to do it again" and i replied, "If i pretended that it hurt would that help Sir?" lol He knew i was joking around and i got snapped once again. Near the end i started to feel the prick of tears behind my eyes...i wasn't emotionally upset, i think that the sharp quick pain of the snap and the seemingly never ending burning sensation that was left in it's wake got to me. As i have said before, if i have time to swallow the pain and absorb into my body i can handle quite a bit...but when it comes to something that lasts more than a minute or so (like the constant wasn't that bad, but so many places feeling that for about 5 minutes got to me) my tolerance deteriorates rather quickly. What would have happened if Sir would have been able to continue i have no idea. Why He wasn't able to continue was rather funny actually. Sir put the rubber band back on my thigh and pulled back about 6 inches...maybe more and all that was going through my head was ... "Omg, i will do anything if You won't pull that back so far....please, please, please, omg that is really going to hurt....ahhhhhhhhh" lol i actually pleaded with Sir not to do that but the grin on His face was one that i knew He was going to anyways. i honestly thought i was going to just burst with tears, but i still didn't move. jedi mind powers kicked in because just as it seemed Sir was about to let go, the rubber band broke. my relief was apparent and to be honest, Sir's face was comical. He looked at the rubber band like how dare it break when He was having so much fun. lol Sir started to laugh and i could not help but join in. As Sir stood up, i actually felt tears in my eyes that i wiped away. i will admit that i did get wet although i don't think i could say i was really aroused. i know that's a bit confusing, i am still trying to sort it out myself. All in all if Sir ever decided to do that again....i think it would be hard to do. Again, it wasn't killer pain or anything but having to voluntarily stand there, knowing that it was going to hurt did push my submission to stay still. Would i still do it? Of course if that is something Sir wanted to do again, i just don't think i would enjoy it that much, not that that matters any, just saying. Of course i could be wrong and with more experience come to enjoy it..but for now i think i would have to say, given a choice, i would probably decline. But again ... you just never know.......