Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This is the start of a series called "Firsts" In it will be quite a few firsts that happened in the week spent with Sir. Here is the list..something for everyone to go by since i will probably be writing about other stuff in between installments of this series.

kneeling in pos 6 for Sir to get home


Sir peeing in my mouth

naked outdoors


anal beads

flogged by k

subspace in front of others

putting on a strap-on (and using it!!)

Since there will be other things written about besides this list, each installemt will have the title "First Series" and then the topic of discussion.

To start the series let me tell you about the first topic on my list. When we got back from the airport i was left alone in Sir's house for the first time. That was different....usually Sir is there but i made do with it being just me. lol Sir had me get naked almost immediately but He had to hurry up and get back to work so not to much happened before He left. The first thing i started on was His laundry, then some dishes and did general cleaning and picking up around His house (don't get me wrong Sir is very tidy.... i just did even more). Sir had "asked" (i love it when He does that lol) me to clean the toys in His toy bag, which gave me a dose of anticipation for i discovered some toys i had not yet seen but made a note to ask Him about when He got home. About 30 minutes before He was to arrive back home, i hopped into the shower, did my hair, makeup, put some lotion on and slipped into my high heels. This was to be the first time i was going to be waiting for Him, naked, in pos. 6 when He walked through the door. i was SO excited to do that for Him. As i slipped into position, i fell into that sub-space type of meditation and by the time i heard His car door close, i started to tremble just a bit. So much anticipation coursing through me and i was so immersed in my submission to Sir i could not think of anything else and even then i was feeling my submission more than thinking about it. i was kneeling there for His pleasure, so when He walked through His door, He would know without any words that i was His. i was kneeling out of submission, devotion and respect. When He walked through the door i could feel His eyes on me and the air subtly changed....i could almost see Him even though my head was bowed, i was that aware of His presence. When He stood beside me and was just looking down, i think my brain shut down because i honestly cannot remember if He said anything to me, i just remember His hand grabbing my hair and pulling me to a standing position. i was so gone into that i-am-all-Yours-do-with-me-what-You-will subspace mindset after that action. Very intense, emotionally and mentally. i loved it!!! lol Best part i got to do it everyday whenever He came home....i am so lucky. After pulling me up, Sir gave me a warm smile, said "good girl" and a kiss. i was very happy to see Him and i am pretty sure it showed. The fact that Sir loved coming home to that made me even happier and everyday i looked forward to Him walking through His door. What a wonderful thing i was allowed to do everyday...again i am such a lucky slave.