Sunday, August 26, 2007

i'm a bit tied up right now

According to the last poll, most people wanted to hear about some of the scenes that Sir and i have done. It was by His suggestion that i am writing this entry. A lot of things happened the week i was with Sir and i have this rather interesting habit of whenever Sir decides to use me, reality seems to get blurred a little bit. But here goes as the best to my recollection of this particular scene. i was lying on Sir's bed, face down, when i heard Him go into His closet....what He was getting out i had no idea, but i was pretty relaxed at the moment so i laid there silently. After He got whatever it was He wanted out of His closet, i opened my eyes to look...curiosity got the better of me. lol The next thing i know, Sir is tying my hand to the bed post with heart rate jumped up a little as He did that. When ever He ties me up i always get this rush of arousal and anticipation, sometimes touched with a bit of nervousness. i love being tied up but i never know what Sir is going to do when He gets me that way. lol This time i did not have long to find out though....He came over and tied my other hand and then moved down to my ankles so they were tied as well. As i laid there, i heard Sir walk over to the side of the bed and get something, although i wasn't sure what it would be....let me say Sir had plans. lol He used the flogger which within a few strokes had me craving subspace....for some reason, even though i love the cane and the crop, Sir's flogger seems to put me in subspace quicker than anything. i was almost teetering on the edge of subspace when Sir then decided to use His crop which is more of what i love. Being tied (it had been a while) was exciting to have done...when i am tied up it is almost like a mental trigger of letting go....i think. my hands would grab onto the rope, feel it brush against my skin, tighten up if i pulled on it....i was in submissive heaven. i must say i love that feeling of TPE when i am tied up. Don't get me wrong, i have given up total control to my Master and i feel it all the time, just at different levels. Being tied up is a good example of when that is brought to a more intense level. Back to the scene now. After Sir was done with the flogger and the crop, He pulled out the harley. All i could think was "omg" and i think i squealed when He turned it on. He had me raise up my ass and my legs were spread and my whole body was tight with anticipation. Anytime i hear that thing come on, my whole body seems to tighten up in response. Well Sir decided to use that on me which had me half-screaming, and moaning and twisting always. lol Sir then started to finger-fu*k me and after a few minutes and i felt an orgasm approaching. i asked Sir if His slut may please cum for Him and He gave me permission. i am glad my head was down although i don't think that muffled the noise i made any. i felt the orgasm start to rush over me and i remember i started to yell..and then it was almost like have two orgasms at once. One second i was feeling my orgasm rush over me and then the next it hit me like a ton of bricks. i didn't know i could scream that But i just couldn't stop....that was a long wonderful orgasm and i have very happy that Sir decided to let me experience it. Whew...when all of that was over Sir decided to use me in the fashion of fu*king me which i enjoyed very very much to be honest. i love pleasing Sir and being allowed to pleasure Him in any way He sees fit at the time. That entire scene was incredibly fun and i actually ended up laying face down on the bed quite a few more times for canings, but that is another entry.