Monday, May 14, 2007

Re-cap Entry- 02-04-07

i have set up the web-cam tonight and Sir is going to see me for the first time. i will add here that Sir allowed me to see Him on the web cam, and i will say (being forward again) that not only is He cute but He has a killer body! Well i have known for a few days that i am going to strip and i am nervous because i don't normally strip in front of people and it being Sir i am stripping for makes it all the more intense. Can we say anticipation? When it actually comes to it i am shaking and my heart is pounding, but i do it. i am proud to have done this for Him, and having been able to please Him makes me happy. Sir believes in display and we spend quite a few moments on my positioning, i want to make sure i am perfect in my display for Him. At the first display i am shy, nervous and somewhat embarrassed. But as He has constantly told me, when there is something He has me do that i may feel uncomfortable with, that is when i really need to pull strength from my submission, and this was one of those times. When i told myself that there was no need for embarrassment because this is what He wanted me to do, and pleasing Him makes me happy, there it was, that instant "this-is ok-and-i-find-myself-liking-this" feeling. lol Wonderful how that happens. After that i am so much more comfortable doing everything else He asks of me. i am relaxed and feeling giggly at the same time, and i find myself wanting to do more to please Him. This at first was hard for me, but the foundation of our dynamic is trust, and with that trust i can do anything He asks of me, there is a freedom within it.


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