Monday, May 14, 2007

Re-cap entry 01-18-07

We chatted again today, and He dug a little deeper than before, asking more personal questions. i am answering all of His questions for i desire Him to get to know me in ways i have not let others. He is always digging deeper.His intent during all of our conversations was to let me discover my submission, and in the process to ask Him for permission to allow me to submit to Him. The desire to submit is there and i finally ask His permission to call Him Sir.i love what he wrote when i asked Him if i could address Him such a manner, and with His permission i will quote His words in my journal. "here is my rule chai... because I believe very firmly in consistency.... and I do not take that title lightly and I know you don't may address me as Sir... but if you start you must always use that respectful title in all your statements, it is a way of showing me your full respect and develops a rich protocol between us. do you understand this rule and do you still want to follow through chai?" What i wrote back was " i understand completely Sir, and if it pleases you, then i am pleased ten-fold. i know what it is i ask, and i am prepared to submit. Thank you again for allowing this Sir." i was so happy and honored that He gave permission, and at the same time i was also humbled, for i had to come to Him and offer my submission.That conversation, that day, is a special day for me, for not only did i accept my submissive nature, i also asked Him for permission for it to be used.