Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Today's blog entry is going to be interesting for something new happened. Sir decided to use me last night. He had me grab my vibe, turn it on medium, and slowly run the tip from my clit all the way down to my as*hole and back up. That caused shivers up and down my spine. It was a very "calm" and slow arousal and Sir allowed me to continue to do just that for a few minutes. Sir then told me the next time the vibe touched my cl*t it was to stay there. Sir had me play with my breasts and my arousal jumped up a notch. He then instructed me to rub and pinch my nipples between my fingers and i became much wetter all of a sudden. i had not played with my nipples in a while and the sensation it created caused me to breath harder and my arousal heightened. He then told me to grab my egg vibe, insert it into my cu*t and turn it on low. At about this point i was almost out of it, just in a very calm, erotic, torturous way. lol i must admit being very slowly aroused can be nerve-wracking, even more so when my body craves things to be going faster. But tonight i just let all the sensations slowly roll over me and simply enjoyed the way Sir was using me. After a bit of this Sir asked me if i would like to f*ck myself, in which my response was, Yes Sir, may Your slut please f*ck herself Sir? i will admit that i asked twice and then Sir gave me permission. He told me to insert the vibe all the way in and out and to place the egg vibe on my cl*t. Since at this point my cu*t was swollen and wet, i hissed (in a good way) at the added pressure in my cu*t. i started out fu*king myself with long and slow strokes and i could feel my cu*t getting more and more swollen around the vibe and the urge to drive it deeper and harder became very strong so i asked Him if His slut may please fu*k herself harder. i was so happy when He gave permission. The vibe kept hitting that "spot" inside my cu*t that makes my toes curl and the more i hit it, the harder i wanted to f*ck myself. Sir told me to start fu*king myself harder and that turned into "pound". Omg..... Within a couple of minutes i was asking Him if His slut may please cum for Him and He told me "no you may not". i tried to breath and relax but in just a minute i found myself once again asking Sir for permission to cum. Once again i was told "no you may not". From that point on i couldn't really even speak, i was completely focused on breathing and not cumming. A couple of times i thought the urge to cum was slipping away but each time it returned full force and i couldn't catch my breath. In a way i love being held right at the edge but i think i need to re-think my breathing methods before i accidentally make myself hyperventilate. Back on topic though. When Sir was done using me He had me take the vibe out of my cu*t and off my clit. But i had not cum yet. Why? Because for the first time Sir denied the orgasm i was so close to having. In an earlier post, i had written about how i was getting near to having an orgasm but that Sir stopped because He had used me to the extent He wanted to. i was left feeling frustrated and had said so to Sir. But this was the first time i was right at the point of cumming (and i really wanted to lol) but it was Sir's choice to deny me that pleasure. What i found really amazing however is that instead of feeling frustrated, i was grinning from ear to ear. i know that i am always happy to please Sir, but this time it was a deeper feeling i have yet to describe. i was ecstatic really. Yet i was also calm and felt fulfilled and content. Yet there is still some emotion, some feeling, i just can't seem to put my finger on. Sir was very pleased with me and that made me even happier. What a wonderful night.