Sunday, May 13, 2007

Re-cap entry 01-15-07

As we exchange emails to and from, i find myself quite comfortable with asking Him various questions. Simple ones really, about the lifestyle and what is expected therein, about someone calling me "pet", and sharing my thoughts and feelings about what i have learned, and about what i wish to learn. i start to feel the urge to divulge part of myself to Him, an urge which i try to resist. i am not sure if i am ready for that, or if it is a wise decision. As with most things, i will think hard about what i am thinking and feeling, before i make a quick decision. i start to ask Him questions about Himself, what He likes when it comes to books, color, food and movies. i ask Him His dislikes as well, for i feel that they are to be remembered and it would not do to displease Him by not remembering. He did not ask me to remember, it is something that i wish to do out of the desire to please Him. Even then, as i look back, the road traveling into my submission had already started, i just didn't realize it. i remember giving my yahoo id to Sir and wondering what He may ask me and what more i may discover not only about myself but about my submission. Apprehension and excitement become intertwined as i contemplate how our first online chat may go.