Monday, May 14, 2007

Re-cap Entry 02-13-07

Sir is coming to see me!! i am so nervous but excited at the same time. So much for me to learn and experience. Sir says that He will not push me very hard for this visit is for me to try a few things and see what i think. To ensure my safety He has me set up pre-arranged phone calls with someone i trust, which is one of my friends who just happens to have been a slave once herself and He will also make a phone call to His closest friend too. i feel safer knowing that He is thinking of my safety as well as His own. Sir also decides to entrust me with "The Box". It is a box that He mailed me that has a wide assortment of toys within it, a vibrator aka The Harley (i'll get to that later), flogger, nipple clamps, another vibrator that is thin and long,paddle, wrist and ankle cuffs, a training collar, rope, coffee stir sticks (what can i say, He is creative) and other assorted items. Let me tell You, having that box sit at the foot of my bed for the few days before He got here was un-nerving as all get out. Even more so since i knew what was in the box but wasn't allowed to touch it. Sleeping became fun, every night i would look at the box, lay down, and think about what may be done to me, and that did have an affect on my dreams. i was definitely horny and very much in my submission when He got here, thinking about what i may experience, about my submission to Him and how i would need to draw on it, as well as Him, for strength. i am excited about what this weekend will hold, i feel as though it will change my perspectives on many things, as i learn more about this lifestyle and myself.