Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Continuing from my last entry, Sir's task for me today was to take my butt plug and my "egg" to work with me. At the beginning of my lunch hour i was to call Sir and then go to the bathroom, again choose a stall, strip and insert my butt plug and "egg". Sir was going to stay on the phone with me while i got lunch and went to the break room with my co-workers. i was to stay and chat with them while Sir stayed on the phone and gave me instructions toturn the vibe up and down. After lunch i was to return to the bathroom, strip and take everything out. Now that you have the facts, let me tell you the whole story.
my heart started racing the moment i got out of bed. All i could do was focus on today's task and wonder how i was going to handle it. i was lying down on my couch when Sir called. We discussed today's task and how it will go and various other topics mostly about my upcoming visit to Ca. After Sir and i talked He let me go so i could finish my butt plug training and do my 15 minutes of meditation. As i was packing my toys into my purse all i could do was giggle and think omg. (i know, i say that often lol). All through work i kept looking at the clock, my anticipation level rising every time i saw it wasn't my lunch time. The day seemed to move rather slow for me. lol When it was FINALLY my lunch hour, i got my purse and my phone and called Sir on my way to the bathroom. i was giggling and Sir could tell i was nervous because i heard Him chuckling over the phone. i got the butt plug and vibe inserted and Sir had me turn the vibe on low. As i made my way to pick up something to eat, Sir and i chatted some more. When i stopped to get coffee, giving the guy behind the counter my order, Sir had me turn up the vibe. i couldn't help but smile..... i picked up some cookies and made my way to the break room. Sir and i talked right up until the point i entered the room and there my conversation with Sir stopped. i tried very hard to be myself and talk with my co-workers. i was grateful to see one of my friends there. She is a natural goof ball so if i needed to laugh i knew she would give me a reason to.As i talked with her about everything from work to chocolate Sir would give me directions. Turn the vibe up, turn the vibe down, i was never sure what He was going to say or when so i felt even more anticipation. i was focused on Sir, my friend, my coffee, the time (i hadto make sure i left in enough time to get re-dressed) and i was so dern focused on my ass and cu*t i about went mad. i was also getting very aroused from everything as well, whichwas another thing i was focusing on. i will admit my arousal grew when Sir told me to clear my throat if i was His slut. Publicly confirming that was interesting, even if no one else knew what i was doing. i did get a couple of curious looks but i waved them away as if it was nothing and everyone resumed talking. As i went to leave, Sir told me to clear my throat if i was wet, and i must have done this a bit loudly because then i got some strange looks as if i was being asked "are you chocking?". i just smiled and told everyone to have a great day and headed back to the bathroom. Sir and i talked again and He asked me about the task that He gave me and commented that is was easier than He thought. i will admit the first out of my mouth were "Maybe on Your end Sir." lol it just slipped out! But He laughed so i knew everything was okay. The whole task was nerve-wracking, heart pounding and yet utterly fun. i love doing tasks for Sir whenever He gives them to me and i always look forward (and get a little nervous) to see how He will push me to use my submission, to help my submission grow deeper and stronger. On that line of thought, Sir
would appreciate suggestions for new, discreet and challenging tasks that i can do. i will certainly write about the results of any that He chooses.