Saturday, May 19, 2007

Visitors Part 1

OK, now this is going to be a long one. So many things happened that some might think it would be overwhelming, and it was in some ways. Overwhelming, exciting, new and overall a very cool experience for me. It was an emotional and mental roller coaster all day. i will admit near the end of the evening it was getting hard to keep up and i ended up going into"robot mode" at which time i tried very hard to catch up with everything that had happened so far and what was to come. i will say now that i am writing from memory and that i may have forgotten one or two things. The whole night passed rather quickly in my mind. lol But i am getting ahead of myself once again so i will start from the beginning.

The minute i was up for the day i started to think about that evening. M and K were coming to visit and i was already getting nervous. After Sir decided it was time to get out of bed we went through our usual routine of coffee and breakfast. That morning we also discussed my protocol for the evening and what Sir desired me to do and what He expected of me. All of this made me feel much more relaxed and confident. i hate to think what would happen if i was put in that type of situation and not told what i was to do or what was expected of me. i was told how to kneel for that night at Sir's feet. Usually that is done by simply keeling in pos.5 with my legs together, but for this night i was to keep my legs spread whenever i was in pos.5. To be honest, i was more worried about my posture than the idea of my body being so blatantly put on display. It is weird what your mind decides is more important. In this case, i knew that my behavior and demeanor would be a straight reflection of Sir's training. That i am often shy and blush is something Sir does not mind at all, so i knew i could be blood red but as long as i was behaving in a manner that was pleasing to Sir and His guests i would be okay. The choice between two evils- showing parts of myself that i am not used to or having to be punished in front of Sir's guests because i slipped up. i would rather be butt naked in front of everyone on planet earth. So my decision was set and i was able to relax a little bit. Let's fast forward a bit.

About an hour before Sir M and Mistress K were to show up i hopped into the shower to get ready for Their visit. And of course the whole ordeal over hair and makeup, i wanted everything to be just right. Sir helped me with the hair by telling me which style He liked best. After all of that was decided it was time for me to get "dressed". Black high heels, black leather wrist cuffs, and the purple collar Sir gave me and nothing else . Putting the collar and cuffs on immediately brings a feeling of submission within me and puts me in that head space. i always feel more confident and relaxed with the cuffs on for some reason. Right before Sir M and Mistress K showed up a huge wave of nervousness hit me like a ton of bricks. As Sir went outside to greet Them, inside the house i was literally jumping up and down trying to get rid of the nervous energy before i exploded. lol As Sir opened the door, i froze into the position He wanted me. Arms by my sides, legs slightly parted. Since my eyes were focused on the ground all i could see were Sir M's and Mistress K's shoes. i told Sir M and Mistress K that i was pleased to meet them and Sir gave me permission to raise my head to look Them in the eyes. In addition to this He also said that i had beautiful eyes and i just about blushed. Sir M made the comment that i presented quite nicely at which time Mistress K and Sir both agreed. More with the wanting to blush. Sir M and Mistress K also brought a bouquet of beautiful roses for Sir and while Sir was finding a vase i asked Mistress K and Sir M if i could have permission to take Their coats for Them. When Sir returned He told me to put the flowers into the vase. While i was doing so Sir showed Sir M and Mistress K around the house.

Sir told me to start making the salad while He and Sir M and Mistress K went into the living room to chat. This gave me some time to reflect and try to play catch up with what i was feeling. Mistress K had said something in the living room to Sir and Sir asked Her to repeat it so that i may hear what She had just said. Her comment was pertaining to the difference between competing with Herself in reference to how much She can handle or how far She can be pushed and completing against Sir M to see who gets tired first. i was paying strict attention to what She was saying and while She was speaking i was cutting up veggies for the salad. Now there i had a problem and a few split second decisions to make. Do i 1-stop what i am doing to show i am paying attention or 2- continue to cut up the veggies as i had been told to do? Well the problem with the first one is that i got this image of me standing correctly, head bowed, eyes on the floor while She was speaking. In my mind it didn't look very good or polite really. But with choice two my continuing could be seen as impolite and i could be question as to whether or not i was truly paying attention. Well, i opted for choice two.... the night was supposed to be high protocol for me but it was also supposed to be relaxing. i nodded my head to show i was paying attention to what She was saying and even Sir said that He could tell i was listening, so i suppose i made the best possible choice. During dinner i didn't eat anything, i was too nervous and i guess i went into "robot mode". Well perhaps on the outside but i was constantly looking and Mistress K's, Sir M's and Sir's drink to see if i could ask permission to get Them more to drink, or to take away Their plates. There was also the timing on asking permission to do those things. i did not feel it would be polite to just interject into a conversation They were having, so i was always waiting for a break in conversation so i could ask Sir permission to speak so i could ask permission if They needed anything. Still on the outside, mind running about 100mph on the inside. i suppose i could say that i wasn't in "robot mode" but "server mode". i did drink a glass of wine and because i was drinking on an empty stomach i will say i felt a little more relaxed. Not much, but a little. lol After dinner Sir explained the "Made Service" game to Them as well as the rules. i must admit i was apprehensive about the whole thing happening if only because i had just met Sir M and Mistress K. They both seemed excited to play and the thought "toss the subbie" flew through my head. More on that in a bit.