Monday, May 14, 2007

Crops, floggers, and orgasms

Tonight was mind-blowing in some ways. Sir tried a few new things on me. More of the flogger of course ( i love that thing lol), the crop and a butt plug.When He bought that for His use on me, He had me carry it in the store. Even though the store was full of items such as that i was still a bit shy about carrying it around. After purchasing the plug and a new pussy flogger Sir told me it was time to go. As we were leaving He told me i had done a good job and that He was proud of me. Big smiles for me. lol
Of all the new toys Sir introduced me to the crop was a plus in my mind. It is like a localized sting. Not as hard as the cane, but more defined than the flogger. He used the crop on my ass, thighs, breasts and pussy. Definitely like-able, that's for sure. Every time He pulls out one of His toys i get a wave of anticipation and nervousness. i never know how far or hard Sir will push me. The butt plug REALLY made me nervous. It actually hurt a little going in and at first just being in my ass was quite uncomfortable. However that got better in time. Part of me is surprised He didn't have to tie me down. i could have sworn that i was moving away or maybe that is what part of me wanted to do. Having Sir put a butt plug in me was a tad bit embarrassing..... after all that is not a place people see, let alone touch. All in all though, i would have to say i had rather mixed feelings about the entire thing. Part of me was happy because i knew i was pleasing Him, i was embarrassed for the above said reasons, i was nervous because i was uncertain of how it would feel and i must admit, i was also quite intrigued. A few of my friends say that they love anal play, so i was a bit curious. While He was using me, all embarrassment faded, and i was allowed to only feel. After that was done Sir decided to use me a bit further and He pulled out the "Harley". With the addition of the "Harley" came His fingers and the next thing i knew i was asking Sir permission to cum for Him. Not once but twice. OMG- i have never cum twice in such a short period of time. i was jelly, i will admit it.

On another thought, Sir says that with the flogger and the crop i enter sub-space really easily but with the cane i snap out of sub-space easily as well. For some reason there are times i fight entering sub-space but i can't figure out why. It isn't a conscious thought, quite the opposite actually. It is actually the place i love and the place Sir wants me. i have come to find that a large part of sub-space is acceptance, and i can actually tell when i am falling into sub-space. A big sense of calm falls over me right before i go. Apparently i do not need to tell Sir when i am going because He says that when i fall i go from thrashing to looking catatonic, i am that relaxed. What tomorrow may bring i do not know, but i do know this. i am excited to learn and explore. i will submit, i will be for His pleasure and it makes me honored and happy to do so.