Monday, May 14, 2007

Poem of submission

You hold me, i am allowed to cry
You spank me, i am allowed to feel
You speak, i will listen
You ask, i am allowed to please
You demand, and i am able to serve
You ask for silence, i am allowed to think
You smile, i smile with You
You are upset, i try to cheer You up
You take me into space, i fly
You bring me back to earth, i tremble
You say You want my submission, i am further driven to please
You ask for trust, i surrender
You ask for my submission, i give it freely
You teach, i learn
You ask for effort, i strive for perfection
You bring out Your toys, i wait in anticipation and nervousness
You ask me who i belong to, i belong to You
You ask what am i, i am Your submissive
You ask what i am for, i am for Your pleasure
You ask do i feel this in my heart, i could not feel it any deeper than now
You wish it, i let You bind me
And everytime You bind me, You also set me free
i share my opinion, You wait for me to finish
i read, You look on with approval
i walk with grace, You watch with approval
i ask for permission, You are pleased
i learn something new, You applaud
i am honest, You are sure that i am being so
i speak well, You are proud
i beg, You listen
i have a question, You answer
i try to run, You stand firm
i trust, You let me fall
and everytime i fall, i know You will catch me