Monday, May 14, 2007

More new things

Ok, today was absolutely awesome. We went sightseeing and a few other incredible things. i find this entry important because some new things happened. i will just give You the highlights however. Sir used the cane(s) again, only this time it started to have that echo effect (the first twinges of the on set of sub space for me) like the flogger does. It still hurts though, only it was a little different this time. Perhaps because i am getting used to the sensations it brings, or maybe it is my level of acceptance. i am not entirely sure. One thing that stands out in my mind is the tenns unit. `Oh my lord. lol Sir put the pads on my cu*t lips and hood and i about had a heart attack. All i could think was omg omg omg. i was letting loose all sorts of nervous giggles with that one. Little electric shocks is what i felt. Not enough to make me scream but enough to make me jump a little that's for sure. He used the dildo attachment and i about jumped off the bed with that one. However Sir says that His tenns unit isn't working properly because i didn't feel anything until the intensity was at 5 or higher. Which means if and when He buys a new one i will be writing once again about what i feel. It is kind of amazing really, i was going omg in my head and yet the trust that is there in our dynamic made me calm. Sir's calm demeanor made me calmer as well. Lovely how that all works out huh? Trust goes a long way in this lifestyle, and i am content.