Sunday, May 13, 2007

Recap-entry 01-11-07

my journey started in January, with me stumbling upon a bondage website. i did not know what to expect, or really what i was looking for, or rather, who. i remember speaking at first to a Dom that i thought was like me,a coldly logical person who didn't like to cuddle. As i look back at myself then, i see that i wasn't looking for someone like me, i was looking for someone who did not pose a threat to my way of thinking. i had many walls and i was looking for someone who would never ask me to break them down, all out of my fear of becoming vulnerable.When Sir first wrote me, i remember that i thought He sounded nice and since i was there to learn about being submissive, i responded. As i read His profile, two main things jumped into my mind. That His words were quiet and powerful, and yet very kind. Second that i thought He was sexy. It may not do to be so forward in that regard, but here i am just stating the truth, that's what i thought. Sir offered in His first letter to let me "pick His brain" about His years in the lifestyle and i remember being excited and eager to be able to ask any questions that i had, and i expressed in my letter back to Him that i would love to talk to Him for i had many questions. i did not know what our next conversation may hold but it seemed i was holding my breath for His response.