Monday, May 14, 2007

Re-cap entry 01-17-07

Today was our first online chat and we talked literally for hours.... so much to talk about. Sir was more than willing to answer any questions i had and He had some questions of His own to ask. i did not mind answering most questions, but the thought of opening up still scares me in some ways. A lot of the questions i ask are about Him and this lifestyle. We discuss my submission and what i am feeling and wishing to learn. He tells me about Himself and some of the things He has experienced in His life. i know that i was nervous at first, but now it seems a little silly that i was, for He was easy to talk to, and i find myself opening up. Slowly at first to be sure, but there is something there, in me, something i am starting to feel that screams at me to open up and trust. A gut feeling, an instinct. i did not know it, but as He pointed out in our next conversation, there was a Dominant/submissive connection starting to build between us, something i was starting to feel, but was not able to describe for everything was so new for me. As i learn more about this lifestyle, my submission and Him, i find myself being very thankful i have Him to speak to and learn from. i truly look forward to our discussions in the future.