Sunday, May 20, 2007

Visitors Part 2

Before the game was played, Sir asked Mistress K if She would do a "check" on me. i froze for a split-second and then started walking towards Mistress K. i took pos. 1 as Sir instructed me to and i had to smile. i seem to do that often whenever i am nervous. Mistress K did something that some may see as unusual, but something i can also appreciate. She asked me if i was okay with performing a "check". my response to Her was that i pretty much did not have any boundaries and i remember She smiled. She performed the "check" and Sir asked Her if i was wet and She told Him that i was pretty wet actually. i wanted to blush, although i am not sure if it was because i had just been touched intimately by a woman for the first time in years (i will admit i used to be an active bi-sexual) or that i was wet. lol Perhaps both..... After She told Sir that i was wet Mistress K put Her fingers in Her mouth and i think i actually pouted for a split-second!! lol i am so used to Sir using my mouth to clean His fingers after they have been in my cu*t that i missed doing it myself. Sir told Mistress K to go ahead and put Her fingers in my mouth to clean them, and i think i started to speak before anyone else did. Sir M and Mistress K said at almost the same time that She had already cleaned them Herself. When i spoke i turned to look at Sir and i think He must have seen the shock on my face because He laughed. Sir and Sir M had the same train of thought in saying that Mistress K should do another check so i could clean off Her fingers. So Mistress K did another check and i got to clean Her fingers with my mouth. Which i have to say i always find that erotic so i got even wetter.

Sir also explained the positions He had taught me and asked if They would care to see them. At first Sir had me explain my positions to them and i know my voice shook just a little, but i am not sure if it was noticed by anyone else but me. Sir told Mistress K that She could randomly call out numbers to show them the positions Sir had taught me. i have never felt more graceful, beautiful and calm in my entire life. i loved it. Let me explain.... every time Sir has me do display or any position for Him, i feel my submission very strongly. i know He can see it in every movement, the tilt of my head, the arch in my back. Everything in my positioning is for His pleasure and it always feels so right to do them. i was not scared or even nervous to do my positions. In fact the minute i got into pos.1 that all consuming feeling of submission shined through. i honestly think i could do positions in front of anyone and not be nervous. For some reason every time i do my positions, an image of a Geisha comes to mind. That beauty, confidence, grace and quiet strength is something i always strive for. Sir M and Mistress K commented on the arch in my back and how graceful my transitions were. They saw the beauty in every movement and said so to Sir. All of Their compliments were directed to Sir, which made my night. i was not looking for compliments, i only wanted to show Them how happy i was in my submission and how well Sir had trained me. i was incredibly focused the entire time, focused on my positions and focused on my submission. What a head space that put me in. i have to say, i loved it!

After that we started to play the Made Service game. Mistress K was first up and i ended up in a doubled over bondage position with Mistress K using a paddle on my breasts. i had to giggle... i was nervous. After that Sir M pulled out the slips and one of them said free pass which meant Sir M's turn was over and i got out of what ever the slips said He could do. In this case it was over the knee spanking, although i cannot remember exactly what toy He had pulled. Then it was Sir's turn. That made me nervous, and just my luck Sir pulled out the slip that said "harley" and "clit" and then the slip "Sir's choice". So i ended up on my back on a footstool, legs bent and spread, while Sir used the "Harley" on me. If that wasn't enough, He got Mistress K and Sir M involved by holding my legs still. The image of a three of Them over me did a few major things to my mindset. Number one- i was being treated as Sir's personal toy (that was definitely unusual and yet somehow erotic, i probably need more time to wrap my brain around that) so i guess that would be accounted to objectification. Number two- i had to really use my submission and i was feeling a bit off-kilter. But that is when i draw strength and balance from Sir. Number 3- It was intense and i had to fight against retreating into my mind. i started to at first and then i really had to try to let go and feel the pleasure Sir was having me feel, even though there were observers. Over-all it was trying to my submission. Sir made a comment about having Sir M in His position in between my legs, and i hit panic real quick. my legs slammed together before i could even think about it. i started to relax through it though although i still continued to keep my guard up. Mistress K made a comment about how technically the slip said lips and not cl*t and i ended up pointing my finger at Sir in agreement. Sir jokingly repied that i was His submissive and He was allowed to do whatever He wanted...which is true. lol Well i relaxed once again and Sir told me later that what He said was just something to mess with me head. Well it did work. lol i ended up with my head almost touching that floor! i tend to move a lot. lol i was a little shy after Sir was finished but i suppose that is normal considering that was my first time doing anything like that.

There were a few other things that happened that night but i am having a hard time putting them into order so i will just write what happened. i remember Mistress K putting nipple clamps on and leaving them for 10 minutes. Oh wow.... they were pretty tight and i must say my nipples were getting sore. Then She had me lean over with my hands touching the chair. She then used a vibe on my nipples. Omg. i started moving... i couldn't help it. i never thought that a vibe on my nipples could cause pain but i was wrong. lol i remember at one point in time Sir told me "Don't move" and i froze. It was instantaneous, that reaction. A definite show of the training i have received. As She kept using the vibe i repeated in my head that Sir had told me don't move. Another thing that happened is Sir got the crop slip and the number 20. i honestly do not remember what the other slips said, i should have been paying better attention but so many things had happened i was becoming completely reactionary. Sir told me that i was to only get 18, but that each one of Them was going to have a turn with me, each having 6 swats. Mistress K got the first turn. i honestly believe that She was careful not to hit me too hard since She did not know me or my tolerance for pain. Such a simple gesture and considering how nervous i was, i was grateful. Sir M had the next turn, and He definitely hit harder. i remember Him swatting me with the crop three times in a row, nonstop. That surprised me for a second, normally i am given the chance to absorb the pain, and i definitely reacted. Sir tells me at the last swat, Mistress K told Sir M He could have gone easier on me. My mindset at that time was i would have taken as much as Sir wanted me to. i love being submissive. lol Sir was up last, and that made me really nervous. Sir knows my pain tolerance and i knew He would exercise that knowledge, and He did. i must be honest and say that Sir hit me much harder. i remember Him hitting me twice in a row and my knees wanted to buckle. For all i know, they did. Another thing i remember was Sir using the hood.