Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Let me first start off explaining my morning ritual for Sir. After He is ready to get up for the morning i was to go into the kitchen, feed Sir's dogs (they are cute!) and make the coffee for Him. i was even taught to make his coffee a certain way. i loved it! i was happy just knowing that i was doing as i was told and knowing i was doing it correctly made me confident and relaxed. Once done with all of that i was to go back into His bedroom and get into pos.4 until He sat up and His feet hit the floor. Then i was to go into pos.6 and kiss each foot, ending with my lips resting on His feet until He released me. i then was allowed to ask permission to use the restroom. Doing the positions ending my lips on His feet was calming in a way for me. It showed Him the proper respect He deserves as well as my submission to Him. A wonderful way to start the morning in my opinion.
The nightly ritual is a bit different. When Sir decides He wishes to take a shower He may tell me to come with Him at which time i know i will be allowed to bathe Him, which is something i love to do. It is a major turn on and i get to be as gentle as i love being. Whether or not i am in there with Him, when He is finished i am to bring Him a warmed towel and dry Him off. Which is another thing i love for i again get to touch Sir. Starting at His head and slowly working my way down His body so i do not miss a spot is very erotic to me. Being as a servant to Him is erotic as well and makes me happy. After this has been done i am allowed to ask Him to prepare for the evening (i.e. brushing my teeth, washing my face) When i was done i was to crawl from His bathroom to His side of the bed and go into pos 6 until He invited me into bed. This gave me the time to think and reflect while in His presence which was actually very relaxing for me.

When going out if i am wearing a skirt i have been taught the proper way Sir wants me to get into His vehicle. i am to lift the back of my skirt up so my ass is exposed (i am to do this with my ass facing the inside of His car) and then sit down so my ass is on the seat. The first time i did this i was so nervous that i did it wrong so Sir had me get back out of His truck and do it again. i was so relieved when i had done it correctly and i was allowed to remain sitting.
Sir also did quite a few "checks" this past weekend. A check is something that He does to see if something He has me do or if a conversation we have had has aroused me. He does this by placing His finger at the very bottom of my cu*t and slowly moving His finger up while applying enough pressure to slightly separate the lips of my cu*t, going up to the bottom of my clit and then slowly back down. This can make me feel like blushing because i never know when He is going to do a check so i am sometimes caught off guard, but i enjoy Him doing that too.

When Sir gets done playing with me, which was often, Sir cleans His fingers with my mouth after they have been in my cu*t. This is something i enjoy doing because i like how i taste, i like sucking Sir's fingers and i enjoy being used by Sir for His pleasure. Him using my mouth to clean His fingers is an erotic reminder that i am submissive and for His use.

Another ritual that was put into use was presenting myself for a flogging. The first time this occurred was when He had me rest my arms on the wall and arch my back pushing my ass out for a flogging. It was a fairly harsh flogging and the act alone of pushing myself out (presenting) time and time again for another strike became symbolic in it's own right. i will admit it hurt but i wanted to keep presenting myself for His pleasure despite what i was feeling. It was intense, to willingly present myself even though it hurt, to be completely willing to endure whatever He asked me to. This too, is something i enjoy very much for reaching deep into my submission for the strength i may need, to do whatever Sir wants me to do, is important to me. The weekend did quite a bit in making me sense my submission more strongly and at a deeper level. Everything i experienced i am thankful for and i am once again left wanting more.