Monday, May 14, 2007

Re-cap Entry 03-04-07/03-14-07

The past couple of weeks have been interesting and full of new things. Sir has pushed me even harder in many ways. He has also given me tasks to do, a daily ritual and i received my first punishment. The tasks were to keep me focused on my submission to Him, my daily ritual of meditation in position 6 (a kneeling position) for 15 minutes before i prepare for work and again at night before i go to bed, is to give me time to think on my submission and re-center myself. Sometimes He has me think of certain aspects of my submission to Him and other times i am allowed to think of whatever aspect of my submission i think i need to focus on. The punishment was due to an error in grammar. i capitalized "i" in a sentence, whereas this has been a known rule from the beginning that i should not do so. A simple mistake really, not done on purpose. Sir, with His generosity and understanding, did not give me a harsh punishment for this first violation. A punishment nonetheless though. Sir gave me 5 bathroom breaks for the day, i had to call Him and ask permission first of course, and i used one in the morning, which left me with four. my punishment, at first, is that one got taken away, which left me with 3 for the next 10 hours. As Sir says, i have a very strong bladder, for by the end of those 10 hours i had only used one and therefore i had not actually received a punishment for my error. While i was at the video store Sir pointed this out and asked me if i think i should still receive a punishment. i will admit i pouted and squirmed before answering, Yes Sir. So my punishment became this, since my task for the day was to wear my short jean skirt, no underwear (i had to take them off at 3 and call to inform Sir that i had done so) a somewhat see-through tank top with no bra and the collar He gave me. Sir, knowing how shy i am about public places, had me go inside, pick out a movie from the bottom shelf, bend from the waist all the way down so that certain parts of my body were exposed to a certain degree, stand up, read the back, and repeat the procedure to put it back. The video store was crowded, and i have never been more thankful in my life that no one was standing behind me. i was blushing, my heart was pounding and i was even a little shaky when i got done. Not a harsh punishment to be sure, but still a very trying experience to me. Sir believes that He does not have to always use harsh punishments to get His point across and i know how lucky i am. Since my punishment, i always double or triple check my grammar, just to be sure. Over all it was a lesson i needed to learn and i am thankful. i am to go to Him in just under a week, and i grateful for the lessons that He gives me, for they will enable me to please Him better.