Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Today Sir has given me an extra task to do for Him. After i finish my daily ritual i am instructed to wear my purple thong pulled as tightly as possible into my cu*t and go to work like that. This can get quite uncomfortable if i have to move quickly at work. This was just the beginning of my day long "themed" task .

I was instructed to go to the bathroom and enter one of the stalls during the last ten minutes of my lunch break. During my lunch hour i keep lookingat the clock, my anticipation growing while i make sure i leave to do my task on time. As the time gets closer and closer my heart begins to pound harder because i know what i am to do. When i get to the bathroom i am to take off all my clothing (i am allowed to keep my shoes on thank goodness- the floor is pretty cold not to mention ewww- i know what happens on that floor) After all of my clothing has been removed i am to take my underwear and put it in my mouth like a gag. This was a new addition, one that was very interesting because my underwear was slightly wet since i have been horny all morning. i enjoyed putting my underwear in my mouth although doing so was a bit weird at first since i have never done so before. i could smell and taste myself on my underwear and knowing it had come from my arousal due to Sir's use of me, in some ways enhanced what i was doing. When this had been completed i was to masturbate vigorously for 10 minutes by fucking myself with my fingers. Needless to say this was done quietly for there were quite a few people coming in and out of the bathroom. Being quiet isn't always easy to do, even more so when i let myself get into what i am doing. However, if i know that there are people in the bathroom with me, the possibility of getting caught insures my silence. This is not to say that i don't find it a bit erotic to know that i am masturbating and nobody knows what i am doing, quite the opposite really. There is a nervous type of thrill involved in doing such an activity. Standing in the bathroom stall naked and masturbating made me very nervous but i have gotten better at doing so since the first time i was madeto do this type of task for Sir. When i was finished i was allowed to put all of my clothing back on including my thong and go about my day. Every time i have done this type of task for Sir, i am always afraid someone will be able to tell what i have been doing. Although i know that is not possible, knowing my face is slightly flushed and that i am very wet always seems to make me very aware of people looking at me, even if only in passing. Sir's intention for this day long task was to keep me extremely aroused and sensitive all day, and He did. When i got home and decided to take a shower, Sir had me masturbate in between washing various parts of my body. That was fun. lol i was very sensitive and horny by the time He decided to use me. He pushed me hard in some ways when He was using me, and some of it didn't feel too good but i was still happy and content when He finished using me. i have come to realize that even if it doesn't feel pleasurable, that the core of my happiness lies in the simple act of submitting and my submission to Him.


Anonymous said...

It's very good that you share the positions but ir will be better if you put a picture or drawing of it.