Friday, May 18, 2007

Climax Control

NOTE: i found this journal entry that i wrote a while back and had forgotten to post. The rest of my California visit will follow over the next couple of days. chai

Last night was quite interesting and fun. i had a wonderful day and my night just made it better. Sir and i chatted online for a while and then i received a task form Him. During my meditation, i was to insert my butt plug and put my vibe in my cu*t while meditating. i was also told to concentrate on what it means to be Sir's slut. In addition to this i was told that i had to tell Him how many times the vibe slipped out and that number would be doubled in cane strokes when i go to Him next. i am very nervous and in my head i am already whimpering....the number would be 4. That means 8 cane strokes. i am not sure if the added pressure in my ass helped or hindered me. i did better than the last time at least. But thinking about what it means to be Sir's slut got me pretty aroused because my mind likes to provide pictures while i think. lol What it means to me is that i am for His pleasure, my body is for His use, i am allowed to lose control and the best part, i am given the freedom to enjoy every minute of it. So i got pretty wet because like i said my mind likes to give me visual examples.
The next part of my task was that i was to masturbate for thirty minutes. If i had the urge to cum, then and only then, was i allowed to call Sir, and only to ask permission. Since the vibe was in my cu*t, i started to move it slowly, almost all the way out and then back in. Slowly increasing the speed and the strength of the thrusts. i then pulled out the vibe and placed it on my clit. i stayed still for maybe thirty seconds and then i started to fu*k myself in the ass using the plug, causing the shivers up and down my back and that feeling that goes straight to my cu*t. i ended up rotating between my ass, cu*t and clit for about fifteen minutes and the last time i was fu*king my ass with the vibe on my clit, i needed to call Sir. i actually had to stop what i was doing because i almost came. So i called Sir and as politely as i could i said hello. lol Sir said yes in the form of a question and i asked Him "may Your slut please cum for You Sir?" i was on the edge and He replied "not yet" i squealed a little... i have never been told not to cum before and that was hard. i almost stopped fu*king myself but decided that Sir would probably not want me to, and i was right. He told me to fu*k myself a little faster and i almost flew apart. i tried to breath to keep myself from cumming and i kept His words in my head. So i was repeating to myself, not yet, not yet. Omg. i finally could not take anymore and asked Sir if His slut could PLEASE cum for Him and He told me yes i may. i started to fall into that sensation and then Sir did something a bit different. He said one word..."Cum", and He said it in that tone of voice that i always automatically respond to. i am not really sure what happened... i am still trying to figure it out. But it was almost as though my entire body responded and i will admit that the orgasm Sir allowed me to have was incredibly intense. i had such a hard time catching my breath and had to concentrate on slowing my breathing down. i thanked Sir for using me a couple of times. But i found that Sir had additional plans in mind for me. He told me to lay down and pull my hood back so my clit was fully exposed and to turn the vibe on medium. He told me to put it just above my clit and then raise my hips till my clit barley touched the vibe. i was so sensitive from the orgasm that it stung for a few seconds. He then let me put my hips back down and i thanked Him for allowing me to do so. He then told me to raise my hips again and i will admit part of me wasn't looking forward to that too much. lol But i get much pleasure from pleasing Sir so of course i did as i was told. This time He had me stay there for a few minutes and it started to really hurt. i have come to realize that if the vibe is pushing down on my clit, then it really doesn't hurt all that much right after i have an orgasm, but if it is pin-point pressure (small located spot) then that can begin to hurt very much. So staying still while my clit was barley touching the vibe got to be very difficult to do. Sir told me "Shhh" and i know that means He only desires to hear my breathing. i know my breath was catching in my throat and tried to not breath at all, i just tried to be a quiet as possible. Near the end that wasn't working too well for me. Finally Sir let me put my hips back down and i thanked Him once again. He then told me to get into pos.6, place the vibe in between my legs so my clit was touching the vibe and to resume fu*king my ass in that position. That was a different sensation, still very nice though. i was getting into the different sensation when Sir told me to insert the vibe in my cu*t, all the way. So basically i was riding my vibe with the plug in my ass and omg. That is something i enjoyed very much to be honest. The feeling and pressure in that position was different but sooo good. lol Sir then commanded that i put the vibe back on my clit and it was a physical jolt of pleasure. i started to fu*k my ass again and i started to nearly orgasm. As i have come to finally notice, the closer i get to an orgasm, the harder and faster i want to be used. So when Sir told me to beg the only thing that came to mind was i wanted it harder. So i asked Sir for permission to fu*k my ass harder. He told me yes and i tried, but as always, when i am at that point all i want is anything and everything harder and faster. Nothing hurts at that point, i seriously think i could get a hard caning at that point and it would feel like heaven to me. What a realization. More on that in a bit. As i felt myself getting nearer and nearer, Sir asked me what i was. my response was "i am Your slut Sir" which i think i repeated a couple of times and then the urge to cum made itself clear. i asked Sir if His slut may cum for Him and this time He told me yes without hesitation. Then came that word from Him again "Cum" and i swear to.....although i know i do not have any control over my body at that point, i also had little control over my mind. my entire mind just latched onto the tone and word from Sir. Yet another intense orgasm. Sir told me quiet in the middle of it but if i could have screamed i would have. i thanked Him a few times and Sir allowed me to lay back, turn off the vibe and take the butt plug out. i was so drained all i could think of was sleep. Sir said that that was fun and i completely agreed. He made a comment that i should be able to go to sleep pretty easily and again i agreed. We said goodnight and i think i fell asleep almost immediately. What an interesting, intense, and fun night that was. i am not sure what spurred Sir on to command me to cum but i must say that is was interesting. Now more on the bit part i stopped at. Sometimes Sir gets this very intense, hard and raw (that is the only word i can come up with i swear) tone in His voice. It is one i respond to with my own intensity i am beginning to realize i have within myself. Being told to cum was exciting and i am a little surprised how easily my body responded to it. Hmmm, more to think on. But it was very fun and it is something new that Sir has introduced me to that i would not mind trying again. (as usual lol)