Monday, May 14, 2007


A silent storm within ones mind, telling, unspoken, an instinct. Emotions which render the mind speechless, yet the heart longing. A place where there is no thinking, only feeling of submission and readiness to obey. The desire to please is paramount, intense, and without fear. To be in a place in which the definition is strong, a Mentor to His student, a Knight to His princess, He is to see where she is blind, hear where she is deaf, and to be there where she is not. He is her grounding, her center, for she sways without Him. Ying and Yang, light and dark, life and death, total opposites, yet together, create balance. The intensity of fire, consuming heat. Intensity.
A gentle breeze, a whisper in the mind and heart, to quell the storm within. A voice, soft and commanding, which brooks no opposition. A force of peace, to slow the heart, to slow the mind and allow reflection. A gentle hand, to soothe sore muscles, or to soothe the sting of pain. A calm center midst of a storm, He is her Guide, He is her Protector, a trust to lead and be led. her core, her submission, is within Him. He is knowledge, and patience, and she is calmed by knowing this, she is calmed with trust and gentle words of her Dominant.
He is her Dominant, her grounding. she is His submissive, his treasure. Calmness within intensity.