Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Sir decided to play with me last night and it was new they way He decided to go about it. Sir asked me if i was horny and my reply was yes Sir. He told me to put in my "egg" vibrator and then asked my if i thought this was a treat. my reply was again "yes Sir" because it was a treat!! When Sir first told me to put the egg in my anticipation level shot up because i was not sure what He would want me to do and i was very aroused. When Sir had me turn it on and went completely silent on me i was thinking omg omg, i will admit it threw me off balance when i realized Sir wasn't going to say anything to me and for a moment i was torn between being shy or being submissive and feeling. However when i relaxed completely there was something quite erotic knowing He was not saying anything and just listening, almost (now that i think about it) like i was being watched or heard and didn't care who heard. Perhaps i am a little exhibitionist after all. lol But i knew it was Sir on the line and because of this i felt more anticipation because i did not know if or when He was going to say anything. i found myself while into feeling the vibration in my cunt and playing with my breasts, i was intently aware of His silence. That was the first time He had not given me instructions or spoken to me while He was using me. i was holding onto one of the bars at my head board from time to time while my other hand was playing with my breasts. i was trying very hard not to move, and i have noticed that if i have something to hold onto i do well with not moving (lord help me if i don't have anything to hold on to. lol) When He asked me if i wanted to rub my clit all that went through my head was "thank You thank You thank You" and asking permission to touch my clit felt very good to do, since i was starting to have thoughts of begging myself. When i started to rub my clit i was hard pressed to not be too loud and i think i did well (i have a roomie). He said that He was going to bed and that i had 25 min left and that after 10 min i could move however i wanted to. i was VERY happy to hear that. i turned the egg on high because i was having a harder time feeling the vibration and i soon found out why. As i started to move after the 10 min my hand ran over my clit and i was soaking wet. my bed had a huge wet spot on it that i found when i sat up. The egg is apparently big enough to feel and yet small enough (when all the way inserted) to where if i get wet He would know it. i also found that whenever i tightened up my cunt the egg would push firmly against my g-spot and i will admit that that felt very good. i didn't orgasm (started to come close though) but i had a lot of fun with the "treat" that He decided to give me. Tomorrow at work is going to be very interesting and very fun. i am not going to tell you anymore than it has to do with the egg vibe in this blog. i will write more tomorrow about my newest adventure and it's a biggie!