Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Flight to CA

i arrived in CA Thursday night. i was very excited to be able to see Sir once again and i will admit i was pretty aroused by the time i got off the plane. Sir had me wear a dress and heels, no bra, no underwear. Going without any undergarments is something i am pretty comfortable with now. But Sir had something else in mind for me. For the last hour of my flight i was to call an attendant for a blanket and masturbate under it until the final approach for landing had been called. i was not to use the bathroom because i had already been informed that Sir was going to do a check when i got to Him. Masturbating while sitting in between two people was nerve-wracking and yet exciting at the same time. i was told that i had to not only rub my clit, but i had to insert my fingers into my cu*t at the same time. So i was obviously moving slowly while masturbating. The blanket was thin and i was almost sure someone would be able to tell what i was doing, although they may not have believed what they were seeing if they did. i was so hyper aware of everything in the beginning that i had a hard time concentrating on what i was feeling. But after about 10 minutes i started to relax and started to let myself just go with it. Being quiet was easy since i really didn't want to get caught. It was intriguing to masturbate like that since i had never done it before and i was definitely aroused when i got off the plane. When i first saw Sir, big hugs were of course in order, and then He and i chatted while we waited for my bag. i knew what was going to happen when we got to His truck, i just wasn't thinking about it. When my bag finally came out and He grabbed it we walked outside. Than i remembered what i was going to have to do in just a few minutes. my heart rate picked up a bit and i started to get the nervous giggles. When we got to His truck He had me pull out the egg vibe from my suitcase that He instructed me pack just for this reason. He then had me turn and face Him and then told me to strip. i will admit i froze and He told me for a second time to strip. When i had stripped for Him, He open the car door and allowed me to get in and drape my dress over me until we had left the parking lot. In the minute or two it took for everything to happen this is what went through my head. " remove clothing....get naked.... omg He is serious...well duh.....He just told me again...not good...breathe...omg i am a parking lot..there's lots of cars.....PLEASE open the door Sir....get in cover up.... remember to breathe...i am going to have to take off my dress on the highway....and masturbate for public...thank goodness it's dark out....just breathe....omg" lol i have to laugh because it is all true. This is why i say i wish Sir could be in my head at those times. After we left the parking lot and got onto the road Sir had me take the dress off my body and He did another check. He then instructed me to insert the vibe into my cu*t and start masturbating. He would turn the vibe up, down, off whenever it pleased Him to do so, which about drove me crazy. He had me play with my breasts and nipples while He rubbed my cl*t, and vice versa. i remember one time He would turn up the vibe then just as quickly turn it back down. He did this a couple of times and then told me i had to ask. "Please may i have another Sir?" came out of my mouth quite a few times until all i could really do was repeat the word "please". Needless to say by the time we arrived at His house i was very very aroused and yet still a bundle of nerves. He was going to have me walk to His door completely naked and all i could do was be thankful it was night time and the neighborhood was dark. So i walked rather quickly to His door and then i froze... i never realized that Sir has a light outside His door that comes on automatically....for a split second all i could do was freeze and think oh.... my....god. Then my thoughts changed to how badly i wanted to get inside. i squealed.. i will admit it and Sir laughed. He seemed to move slowly at the time, most likely because i was that desperate to get inside. i wanted to run inside but some sort of instinct kept me from pushing past Sir. Yes, that did go through my head..need i say again i was desperate??? lol i can't really think of anything more nerve-wracking than being naked in public with a spotlight on me to be honest. When i finally walked insideas calmly as i could at the moment Sir had me go to His room and i am not really going to divulge much more after that except that He used a new type of tie on me. One where my hands were bound to my legs. That was pretty interesting and i will admit that i liked it. i love being tied-up.... go figure. The one thing that scared me the most is now one of my favorite things, but then again that reverts back to the trust i have in Sir. Since i trust Him i am able to let go of that fear and simply enjoy the feel of rope on my skin. But i am straying off topic. So that pretty much wraps up my first night back in CA and tomorrow will be even more interesting, exciting, nerve-wracking and fun all rolled in one.